Month: November 2015

Congo DRC to issue Biometric Passport

The Democratic Republic of Congo has adopted a new model of biometric passport with chip on which the holder’s personal information will be engraved. The document was presented Tuesday, November 10 in Kinshasa. The first passport of this kind has been delivered to the Congolese Head of State, Joseph Kabila, during a ceremony a few minutes at the Foreign Ministry. On the same occasion, Joseph Kabila inaugurated the new center of capture passports located in the same ministry. The foreign minister, Raymond Tshibanda said the implementation of the new passport personalization system to Pusse would take place gradually throughout...

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Torrential Rain Destroys Homes in Southern DRC

After the rain, the weather is nice it is said, but Kinsevere, a village 30 km from the city of Lubumbashi in Katanga province of the former, the rain did enormous damage destroying 102 houses as a result of a torrential rain that fell on the night of November 2 to 3 in this part of the town. In addition to the registered property damage,  ten people were seriously injured. Faced with this natural disaster, victims families call for political and administrative authorities of the former Katanga province that provides financial and material assistance. Indeed, the former Katanga province...

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Fighting Poverty in Congo Requires Transparency

The Minister of Planning and Reconstruction and followed by the implementation of the revolution of modernity, Georges Wembi had in his closing remarks, said that fighting poverty requires transparency in the use of resources. The Minister Georges Wembi calls for transparency The work of the African Economic Conference convened in Kinshasa since the beginning of the week was closed yesterday Wednesday, November 4 in the hall of the Government’s conference hotel located in the commune of Gombe. It is the Minister of Planning and Reconstruction, Georges Wembi who chaired the closing ceremony attended by the director of the office...

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Virunga National Park under threat

The results of the seismic survey conducted in the Virunga Park in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, confirms the presence of oil in the basement of this nature reserve, the oldest in Africa, according to official sources in Kinshasa. The British company Soco has “given […] the results of seismic analysis” and these are still being studied, but they are “positive” according to the Congolese Minister of Hydrocarbons, Aimé Ngoi Mukena . To the question “Is there a field [oil]? “The results indicate that” yes “, the minister added, reached by telephone, without giving further details. Located in North...

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New Recruits of the Armed Forces of FARDC

One hundred and fifty-six recruits of the Armed Forces of  FARDC are confined since Thursday, November 5th at the provisional collection center of Lukusa camp pending their referral to various army training centers. Pending their delivery in these training centers, they learn some preliminary concepts including military regulations. A total of three hundred and fourteen thousand recruits were enrolled in the province of Bas Uele Tshopo and since the beginning of the recruitment drive launched by the army there about three...

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