Month: March 2016

Uganda Must Compensate DRC $5 Billion for War Crimes

On December 19 2005 the International Court of Justice ruled that Uganda violated the principles of non-use of force in international relations and of non-intervention under international human rights law and international humanitarian law; and other obligations owed to the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Court sitting at The Hague decided that Uganda was under obligation to make reparation to her eastern troubled neighbor. The Court however did not determine the figure of the reparation and was to be exhausted between the two countries. Uganda agreed to pay the reparation but the neighbor asked the literally unimaginable USD...

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Congo DRC Gears up for Provincial Elections

A delegation of the Presidential Majority, composed of eleven people since Sunday March 6 in Bunia, capital of Ituri. Sources from the Provincial authorities indicate that the delegation, led by Secretary General Assistant of the MP, Joseph Kokonyange, is to reorganize the political family of the head of state, three weeks before the election of governors and vice -gouverneurs new provinces. CENI has fixed the elections to 26 March. Immediately arrival, inform the sources, the delegation paid a brief visit to the provincial assembly of Ituri and the administrative building of the former district recently renovated seat of the...

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For many people the FARC-EP is its army

You can not express fear when it comes to a village kilometers of land and meet one outside the government military presence. And much less can express joy at the end of the day, having known a reality that will soon be history and have had even a goodbye kiss on the cheek, human, only human, with Colombians, sincere, simple FARC decided to take up arms to fight for their ideals. And in that not worth stopping; ideals, realities, past events or data can be known, but the context and intentions. It is worth pausing to think of a...

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The Biggest women’s organisation of Angola

Long live the angolan woman With the peace, we will continue to build Angola… Angolan Woman-firm for the equal age and social well-being. The President of Angola, José Eduardo Dos Santos, the opening ceremony of the 6th Congress of the organisation of angolan woman (Oma), Under the motto; woman, angolan firm for equality, and social well-being “, In the conference center of beautiful. Comrade President witness opening of the VI Congress of the oma, in luanda Opening session of the VI Congress of the oma, biggest women’s organisation of Angola, was chaired by Vice-President of the party, COMRADE ROBERTO...

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Congolese Models

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