Month: April 2016

DRC Opposition Reject Political Dialogue

The Dynamics of the opposition announced on Tuesday, April 12 , that they  would not participate in the political dialogue announced by the head of state and whose facilitator, Edem Kodjo ,  was recently appointed. During a press conference in Kinshasa, Jean-Lucien Bussa read a statement of this platform of the opposition, stating that the mission led by the Togolese Edem Kodjo did not guarantee the respect of the constitution. While all sectors of the opposition, including the UDPS / Tshisekedi, have agreed to take part in such as important foundation for the Congolese nation, it is quite unusual to...

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The Violations of Human Rights in DRC Have Continued

As usual, the UN weekly press conference held Wednesday, April 13, 2016, simultaneously in Kinshasa and Goma. During this, the traditional issues were discussed, including information on the activities of the components of MONUSCO and the UN Country Team, as well as the security situation that prevailed in the country power last week. A session of questions and answers was crowned yesterday’s conference, hosted by the spokesman for MONUSCO, Felix Prosper Basse. Jose Maria Arnaz, director of the Joint Office of the United Nations for Human Rights (UNJHRO) in the Democratic Republic of Congo has expressed yesterday to journalists...

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Angola Province of Benguela MPLA Governing Body

On April 9, in the neighborhood of the Manor House, the municipality of Catumbela, opened the Committee of MPLA Action by Cda Isaac Francisco Maria dos Anjos, 1st Provincial Secretary of Benguela and member of the MPLA Central Committee. This structure where the work was offered by CAP Cda Silvestre Kissari and the works were in charge of Crisgunza company. Attended the act, Central Committee members, the executive committee of the Provincial Committee, Provincial Committee, the municipal committees of Lobito and Catumbela Mpla, Da Oma, Municipal Administrators of Lobito and Catumbela, traditional authorities, guests and civil society. Benguela –...

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Congolese Models

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