Month: June 2016

The Congolese Civil Society Calls for Political Dialogue

The Members of Congolese civil society met to analyse the socio-political situation of the country, but also reflect on the effective start of political dialogue in the making. In their recommendations, concerning mainly the dialogue, they ” ask, with patriotism, with politicians and all social forces in the country to go as fast. From this meeting emerged a string of recommendations to the parliament, the Government and the political–administrative authorities of Edem Kodjo, the facilitator of that dialogue, political parties, the INEC and finally the International community. The Congolese people, are asked to remain vigilant and not be manipulated...

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MONUSCO to Strengthen its early warning system in Congo DRC

 From 27 to 28 June, a delegation of MONUSCO, led by the Deputy Special Representative for Operations in Eastern, David Gressly and the Force Commander of MONUSCO, General Derrick Ngwebi, visited the northern part of the province of North Kivu usually called “North”. For two days, the delegation visited the localities of Beni, Butembo and Lubero and met with Congolese political and military authorities, leaders of civil society and United Nations staff working in this area. The main topics discussed at these meetings were related to the security situation in the region and the protection of civilian populations. For...

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The Revival of Film Making in DRC Congo

Though the film production in Congo is on the increase in quantity, the quality still remains very poor and substandard for a global market consumption. This is not due to funding, but poor management and lack of skill set. However, this will change very soon, as the Film Making industry in the Democratic Republic of Congo will soon be transformed into a creative power house. Though today the Congolese film makers have great stories to tell, they are still far behind in set design-props and management. This is about to change with the new Virunga mountains media labs -that...

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Etienne Tshisekedi Hopes that, his Son Alex will Succeed Him

Etienne Tshisekedi  told the French newspaper Le Monde about his political future, promises to meet in the future, Moses Katumbi for president and is willing to chair the Transition in the event that elections were not organized in 2016. How will he do it? Read in full, the interview with Tshisekedi. Are you satisfied with the turn taken by the meeting? Absolutely, absolutely … I am this very close and I am satisfied. You think the opposition will manage to form a united front against Joseph Kabila? Absolutely. It is not for nothing that they are there. Do you...

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The Government of the Democratic Republic of Congo received a donation from the International Development Association (IDA) under the Additional Financing for Supply Project Drinking Water in Urban Areas (PEMU) and intends to use a part of the sums granted to finance the services of the consultant responsible for monitoring and control of power work in drinking water in the city of Kinshasa. Democratic Republic of Congo MINISTRY OF ENERGY AND WATER RESOURCES CEP-O / REGIDESO CELL PROJECT IMPLEMENTATION OF THE WATER DISTRIBUTION ADVERTISING NOTICE FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST N ° 01 / CEP-O / PEMU-FA / DET /...

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