Month: July 2016

The transformation of DRC Economy

In this analysis we publish, without comment from us, it matter that by encouraging all Congolese to improve productivity both at national and local level, such a platform has the potential infrastructure accelerate the spatial development process, balanced and self-sustained with huge knock-on effects on other sectors of national life (Commerce, Services, Education, …). initiate transformation projects of the Congolese economy, the only prerequisite for a sustainable and structural correlation between growth and improvement of living conditions of the population. The relationship between growth and poverty The relationship between economic growth and poverty is a widely debated topic on...

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The Congolese pro-Opposition Dialogue

The Congolese pro-Opposition dialogue continues to multiply stratagems to make its voice heard and call for vigilance Congolese. After the success of its first conference held on June 29 at the Hotel Beatrice, in Gombe, Kinshasa, leaders of parties, groups and platforms, the opposition members pro-dialogue, placed very high bar. They planned to organize, in the coming days, a large public rally in a stadium in the capital. Without further ado, they have called for a general mobilization at the site of the Congolese people. To do this, all the presidents of parties, groups and platforms are expected to...

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DRC Decides to Keep Monetary Policy Unchanged

The sixth ordinary meeting of the DRC Monetary Policy Committee decided to keep unchanged the current mechanism of monetary policy. Especially since it was only on June 27 that the BCC has intervened for a third time with 50 million USD. In total 168 million USD have already been dumped on the market since the first half, to increase the currency supply. Faced with overheating in the foreign exchange market and that such action does not take place continuously, Déogratias Mutombo proposes fundamental changes in the orientation of the development policy. To do this, it is essential for the...

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African Union Dreaming to Take Sanctions

The 27th Summit of Heads of State of the African Union (AU), which opens Sunday in Kigali Rwanda, should be largely devoted to South Sudan, where plane the shadow of a new large-scale conflict after soaring violence last week in Juba. “It is time to send a strong message to the South Sudanese leaders. The South Sudanese people have been betrayed by their own leaders (…) We can not tolerate this and we will not tolerate it”, said Saturday evening the Secretary General of the UN Ban Ki-moon, setting the tone. “Now is the time for decisive and collective...

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The Respect of the Constitution in Congo DRC

The Citizen Front was launched Friday, July 15th with a campaign to popularisee Articles 69, 70, 73 and 220 of the Constitution in the city of Lubumbashi (Haut Katanga). According to Timothy Mbuya, spokesman of the platform that brings together opposition leaders and members of civil society, this campaign will be conducted in several public places in the city. He stated that the aim of the campaign is to explain the merits of the respect of the constitution in the DRC. Citizen Front launched Friday, July 15th a campaign to popularize Articles 69, 70, 73 and 220 of the...

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Congolese Models

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