Month: July 2016

Television Light and others

The Superior Council of Audiovisual and Communication -CSAC- gave its NOC to the Light Television, the commercial jingle Festa and Kenya Airways creative agency Africa Event & Communication. These are some resolutions that have sanctioned its 59th extraordinary session on Thursday 7 July. A meeting at which five items on the agenda were discussed. Read, rather, the full press release below: Press release The Supreme Council of the Plenary Assembly of Audiovisual and Communication (CSAC), held its 59th extraordinary session, Thursday, July 7, 2016, in Kinshasa. The agenda consisted of five items on regulatory issues. The Plenary Assembly of...

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Congolese National MPs and the New Act

The Congolese national MPs and Senators have gone back to the Chamber. they were there for the opening of the ordinary session. The solemn ceremonies  took place as usual, with speeches by the Presidents of both Houses of Parliament. Minaku Aubin, President of the Lower House, spoke of a highly political session. This, he added, is involved in a particular context of the inclusive national political dialogue, which is slow, unfortunately, to fall into place. Certainly, following positions at odds expressed by the Congolese political actors. There is also the organization of elections, on which also hover much uncertainty....

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Congo DRC To put a little Water in their Wine

Reactions on the sidelines of the speech of the Head of State to the nation on the occasion of the commemoration of the date of independence of DR. Congo continues to rain. The latest is that of Stephen Bwansa, Executive Secretary of the People’s Party for Reconstruction and Development, China section (PPRD / China). Very serene, he said that this was a speech for peace, reconstruction and development in order to achieve the emergence 2030. Reason why, he thought, time is the time for each other, put a little water in their wine, to talk to safeguard the achievements....

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Democratic Republic of Congo is Not protecting its Citizens

The Democratic Republic of Congo has always been and will be a hospitable place for all peoples of the world because this particular quality is innate in us. However, this legendary hospitality should not be construed as naivety because she brought us to the land of unsavory people who think they have the right to kill, rape and destroy our national heritage. It happened that we do not mean the son and daughters of the DRC who have lost their lives in foreign countries starting with our immediate neighbors even in distant countries like India. These killings of Congolese...

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Hydroelectric Power station is Eagerly Awaited by the People of Kasai

He believes that the political situation prevailed on fundamental freedoms in the Kasai Central and promises, at the next parliamentary session, to question Evariste Boshab, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior. He is the MP Clement Kanku who denounces farm energy banning a peaceful march planned in the city of Kananga on Saturday, 9 July 2016. The objective of the march was to claim, as in Kinshasa, the restoration of electricity, in accordance with Article 48 of the Constitution. For Clement Kanku, it was an opportunity to advocate for the revival of Katende dam construction project. He must...

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Congolese Models

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