Month: July 2016

Congolese overwhelmingly Want Political Dialogue

A political declaration of the Congolese opposition made public by the Secretary General of the UFC, the Minister of State, Minister of Budget, Michel Bongongo was popular with 82% of Congolese who saw in it a commendable effort to lasting peace in the DRC. It is followed by that of the dynamics of the Opposition and the New Class and Social Policy, 63%. Introduction Without peace, no development or social welfare can not consider. After two decades of internal strife, civil war and aggression, the Democratic Republic of Congo is getting back to normal thanks to the stability of...

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Laurent Batumona Solidarity Movement for Change

In the heart of the population of Kinshasa, Laurent Batumona occupies a special place. His legendary solidarity, proximity policy, his strong ability to listen, to serve, his passion for development attracts to him incessantly sympathizers. political actor well known-and reconised- of economic life, it is sought in several districts to implement his political party in order to pursue his social struggle. This is the reason for the assault he made in public and Ngaliema Mont Ngafula. He was responsible for numerous acts of common interest and a multitude of social assistance. But it is to DRC change and solidarity...

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The Death of Apollinaire Malu Malu

It was Apollinaire Malu Malu who gave President Joseph Kabila, his first constitutional mandate after the 2006 presidential election – organising elections seemed more than an ordinary challenge in a post-conflict country and geographically fragmented. First president of the Congolese Central Electoral, Apollinaire Malu Malu s’ passed away in the early hours of this Friday, July 1, 2016 in Atlanta in the United States where he had been evacuated for medical treatment after a brief stint in South Africa. The news of the death of the priest of Butembo iced enthusiasm celebrations of independence day in Congolese political circles....

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Congolese Models

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