Month: June 2017

Franck Diongo Calls on the Congolese People From Prison

All patriots know that our country today is still under the domination of the forces of evil. At present, these negative forces are challenging the very existence of our nation. These enemies of the Congolese people and of its independence are recruited both outside and inside the country. Some are sponsors who finance, with the resources plundered in the Congo, plans for the annihilation of our nation; The others are local relays, some of which are recruited from among our own countrymen, who at the price of a few bank notes sell their souls to the devil while the...

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Congolese Model of the day,Feza Keicha

The hunt for the next Congolese model continues and as always, we never escaped-the beauty scouting continues in western Congo. However,we’re taking a different approach. We don’t advertise for models, but we work with people already known to us, mostly friends. We rather deal with people that understand us and know where we’re coming from.. This week, was one of those days when everything was on fast-pace-track, but that did not stop us from catching up with the beautiful Congolese Model, Feza Keicha. Its always great to have friends visiting us at Banana Beach. To be frank, it was a...

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Congolese Model, Tina Kanku Yoga Class at Kinshasa Yoga Club

As Always, we managed to convince the beautiful Congolese Model, Tina Kanku to show us what Yoga is all about, because Yoga is among the fastest growing sports in the world today. Just like most of my Congolese friends , We tend to think that Yoga is something that belongs to the orientals only. However, we’ve found that yoga keeps coming up in many conversations with the modern woman of today. Our industrious sister, Feza recent opened up a Yoga studio, downtown of western Kinshasa -she assured us that the studio will become a place, that everyone wants to...

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The Council of Ministers of the Great Lake Basin Authority

He spent more than half the month of June outside the land of his ancestors. It is the Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development, Amy Ambatobe Nyongolo who successively completed with his three work assignments in Rwanda and Uganda. It was last Saturday that he returned to the City-Province of Kinshasa. Indeed, from 14 to 15 June 2017, he took an active part in the conference of the Council of Ministers of the Great Lake Basin Authority and the Ruzizi River, a structure which includes three countries in Africa Including the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Rwanda and...

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Elections rushed and without the Kasai, will Mean the Balkanization of Congo

Organising elections in the DRC without the Kasai means admitting that the institutions can one day function without the participation of about a fifth of the population. In so doing, we will make a dangerous step in the process of balkanization by this act, “said a pro-Majority analyst, in a new forum which, in passing, chastises the holding of hasty elections and at any price . He therefore calls on the Congolese democrats to mobilise themselves once again to resist the Belgian attempt to impose their men through an election that would exclude a large part of the Congolese...

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Congolese Models

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