Month: June 2017

How Congolese Responded to major events that occur in the country

In the specific context of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, it is important to know how the population responds to each major events that occurs in the country. Thus after the passing test by the Government of broad national unity led by Bruno Tshibala in the National Assembly, and after its bill of Finance of 2017 is judged admissible by both Houses of Parliament, Echoes of Opinion n Did not want to fail in the mission that he had to resort to the popular barometer in order to know how it deciphered the first signals sent to him...

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Foreign Actors Have Not Given Up with the Balkanisation of Congo DRC

The time has come largely for the Congolese to take the measure of this real danger which threatens the very existence of the Congo DRC because it becomes more and more clear today that the balkanisation wishes of this country, denounced in its time by Patrice-Emery Lumumba have never stopped. Since 1960, in spite of the change in the leaders of the Congolese institutions, the same assaults are repeatedly observed by the same actors beyond the generations. PRESS BRIEFING BY THE MINISTER OF COMMUNICATION AND MEDIA KINSHASA – TUESDAY, JUNE 20, 2017 Ladies and gentlemen of the press, In...

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The Atrocities that occurred in the Kasai Region, following the phenomenon of Kamuina Nsapu

Present at the 35 th session of Human Right in Geneva, the Minister of Human Rights, Marie-Ange Mushobekwa, swept a backhand charges against the Democratic Republic of Congo in the atrocities that occurred in the Kasai region, following the phenomenon of Kamuina Nsapu, which became famous, associated with the electoral process.Ms. Mushobekwa showed, in black and white, that there is no cause and effect link between the security situation in the provinces of Kasai and the electoral process. “The Kamuina Nsapu phenomenon began in June 2016 on the basis of customary claims, while the national and presidential elections were...

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The Unconditional Return of President Moise Katumbi

The G7 maintains, against all odds and ends, the course towards the elections to be held no later than the end of December 2017. If the elections are not organised at this time, the G7 will require the CENI to organise elections under the supervision of the United Nations since there will be no legitimate institution . The G7 also demands the unconditional return of President Moise Katumbi and reaffirms that he is its candidate for the next presidential election. The G7 will not accept a third dialogue. For there is nothing to negotiate. Exceeded on 31 July 2017,...

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Congo Art: The Congolese Art Revolution

Its been a while since I posted any art on this web site, but that is about to change. The next revolution of Congolese art  has begun-this new art is going to be very deep(sick) and hopefully it will inspire many Congolese and Africans. We should not allow the mainstream media and their imperialistic puppets to intimidate us. Its true, Banana beach does exists in western Congo, and it will future a lot in this chapter of art Its very hard to separate Congolese from comedy-its the humour that unites Congolese These two activists will also future a lot,...

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Congolese Models

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