Month: August 2017

Congolese Upcoming Model Shoot

Sometimes when you’re trying to work out how the day might end, friends start arriving with your day already planned for you, but  its a good thing to get out of your comfort zone and explore a new territory. The great thing with Congo RDC, its a photographers paradise as everywhere you turn, there’s much to photograph. However this can be problematic when you have many friends that know you’re a photographer,its never east to spend sometime by yourself photographing…. We always try our best to create a set that makes our models happy-photography is not about just pointing...

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Congolese Model Magazine

The Congolese Model Magazine is a new entertainment package that will feature Congolese and Congo in a new visual language. This Magazine has no borders and different diaspora photo shoots will be part of the package. The main locations will be Banana beach,Bandundu barber shop,virunga game park,Kinshasa,River Congo and Lake Tanganyika,etc. The magazine will continue to change as it develops to a fully functioning multimedia interactive experience-the purpose behind this project is to deconstruct barriers of post-war conflict that are holding Congolese self confidence back. This Magazine will focus mainly on creative visual story...

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Congolese Models

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