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We salute all Women on International Women’s Day

On International Women’s Day, We salute all Women!! We think this day should be everyday as one day- is reserved for the elite class, to be seen doing something, and that’s why its only the elite class that are invited to podiums,luncheons,etc.   Working with the MPLA-People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola has always been very interesting. Unlike most political organisations in the world. Its women that do most of the door to door canvasing. The men are always in the backround. leaving the women do the persuading. Its not accidental, as Women played the most important role...

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The Alliance for the Progress of Congo, Rejects President Joseph Kabila

As a member of the Gathering of Political and Social Forces Acquired for Change, the APC endorses the position of the RASSOP, that of no longer recognising Joseph Kabila as President of the Republic beyond December 31, 2017, and rejects at the same time this semblance of electoral calendar which, according to him, is not only an insult and a contempt for the Congolese people, but also a drawback to the Constitution as well as to the Agreement of December 31, 2016. DECLARATION OF THE ALLIANCE FOR THE PROGRESS OF THE CONGO RELATING TO THE ELECTORAL CALENDAR The Alliance...

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The Social Security Forum for Africa was held in Ethiopia

The Regional Social Security Forum for Africa was held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia and was attended by the Director General of the INSS, Agnès Mwad Nawej. Organised by the International Security Association, ISSA, at the invitation of the Office of Social Security of the Ethiopian Civil Service, this Forum was an opportunity for the various participants to exchange information and analyse the challenges social security priorities in Africa, and identify concrete solutions in this area. But, also, to award the AISS prizes for good practices for Africa to certain African institutions including the National Institute of Social Security-INSS-, which,...

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The Congolese Opposition Claims the electoral calendar is not Realistic

Finally, the position of the Congolese Opposition is there. The electoral calendar, as published on November 5, is neither consensual nor realistic. For the Congolese opposition, according to a statement signed by Pierre Lumbi Okongo, the President of the Council of Wise Gathering, this calendar violates both the Constitution, the New Year’s Eve Agreement and the electoral law. On the analysis, this calendar, in the opinion of the Opposition, would simply be for external consumption. Moreover, the Opposition states that it is, in addition, fraudulent and deceptive. So, for the Opposition, this schedule is unacceptable because of several weaknesses...

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The Trial For Human Rights Abusers in Bukavu, South Kivu province

Tomorrow, Kavumu, in South Kivu province, will begin a trial for crimes against humanity by rape and kidnapping, murder and participation in the insurgency of 18 defendants, including a provincial deputy. The trial, which is being conducted by the Bukavu Military Court, will be held during mobile court hearings, which are expected to last until 26 November. As a reminder, from May 2013 to 2016, at least 51 children were abducted and subjected to sexual violence by unknown persons suspected of being militiamen in Kavumu in the territory of Kabare. At least two children died as a result of...

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