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Angola Province of Benguela MPLA Governing Body

On April 9, in the neighborhood of the Manor House, the municipality of Catumbela, opened the Committee of MPLA Action by Cda Isaac Francisco Maria dos Anjos, 1st Provincial Secretary of Benguela and member of the MPLA Central Committee. This structure where the work was offered by CAP Cda Silvestre Kissari and the works were in charge of Crisgunza company. Attended the act, Central Committee members, the executive committee of the Provincial Committee, Provincial Committee, the municipal committees of Lobito and Catumbela Mpla, Da Oma, Municipal Administrators of Lobito and Catumbela, traditional authorities, guests and civil society. Benguela –...

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The Biggest women’s organisation of Angola

Long live the angolan woman With the peace, we will continue to build Angola… Angolan Woman-firm for the equal age and social well-being. The President of Angola, José Eduardo Dos Santos, the opening ceremony of the 6th Congress of the organisation of angolan woman (Oma), Under the motto; woman, angolan firm for equality, and social well-being “, In the conference center of beautiful. Comrade President witness opening of the VI Congress of the oma, in luanda Opening session of the VI Congress of the oma, biggest women’s organisation of Angola, was chaired by Vice-President of the party, COMRADE ROBERTO...

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Congolese Models

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