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English Girl Joins Congolese Models

The Congolese Model Scouting has attracted an English girl-when we started this project, the aim was to feature only Congolese, but to our surprise, we received loads of complaints from England that we should not just feature only Congolese but think global. We do agree and also apologise to all beautiful women out there. This type of feedback will help us, do even more better. Please keep those feed back coming in! The gorgeous Jemma Smith, is your typical London girl that is mad with African fashion-she strongly believes that African fashion will never die, maybe- it might go...

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Congolese Upcoming Model Shoot

Sometimes when you’re trying to work out how the day might end, friends start arriving with your day already planned for you, but  its a good thing to get out of your comfort zone and explore a new territory. The great thing with Congo RDC, its a photographers paradise as everywhere you turn, there’s much to photograph. However this can be problematic when you have many friends that know you’re a photographer,its never east to spend sometime by yourself photographing…. We always try our best to create a set that makes our models happy-photography is not about just pointing...

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Congolese Barber shop Model of the day, Malu Solange

We recently bumped into our Congolese sophisticated sweetheart, Malu Solange and she couldn’t resist the offer of spending a day with us, at our Bandundu Barber shop. When you’re in the business we do, you need a base that people can meet with you while they’re sober and get the information you need from them. Its very true, people don’t just go to barber shops for only grooming, but also to get and pass on information-the Bandundu Barber shop is a great place to  meet, and also chat. This space has a studio in the back that can be used...

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Congolese Model of the day, Alongi Neva

We tried to do something different with the beautiful Alongi Neva, she wanted a photo shoot around Kinshasa. We’ve known the lovely Alongi for years…and she’s the type of person that has loads of energy. It was great to hook-up again, since separating in Rutshuru,while running in different directions, escaping the Rwanda M23 terrorists. When we told her that, we’re scouting for a new type of Congolese model, she wanted to die with laughter, and suggested that we should instead become Congolese paparazzi. Back in the days, we used to call her Champagne-because of a tight budget, we decided...

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Congolese Model of the day,Feza Keicha

The hunt for the next Congolese model continues and as always, we never escaped-the beauty scouting continues in western Congo. However,we’re taking a different approach. We don’t advertise for models, but we work with people already known to us, mostly friends. We rather deal with people that understand us and know where we’re coming from.. This week, was one of those days when everything was on fast-pace-track, but that did not stop us from catching up with the beautiful Congolese Model, Feza Keicha. Its always great to have friends visiting us at Banana Beach. To be frank, it was a...

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Congolese Models

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