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Tshikapa Declaration of the Lulua-Bashilange Community

At the beginning of December 2016, the Lulua-Bashilange Community of Tshikapa experienced sad events that plunged several families of its members, which were caused by non-natives originating elsewhere and settled on its land Since the time of the late Forminiere, who have abused the hospitality offered to them by the Grands Chefs KABEYA LUMBU and MAYI MUNENE, the only land masters of the city of Tshikapa and the territory of the same name. Indeed, for a trivial inheritance conflict, the MBAWU family of the Bashila Kasanga of the Dibaya territory, currently resident in the Tshikapa Sector, enlisted militiamen who...

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Creating a Pool of Congolese Facilitators

The Members of Congolese Civil Society of Kinshasa, the Steering Committee for the Reform of Public Finance (COREF), civil society Goma, Kinshasa facilitators, representatives of the SDAC, the provincial Ministry of the Budget and the facilitators of North Kivu, participating in training facilitators and advisors participatory budget since yesterday, Monday, August 22, Yvonne Compere in the hall of the Hotel Sultani, in Gombe. Organized by the Steering Committee for the Reform of Public Finance (COREF), with funding from the Building Project of the Accountability and the Public Finance Management (PROFIT-CONGO), this 12-day session, which began on 22 August and...

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African Union Dreaming to Take Sanctions

The 27th Summit of Heads of State of the African Union (AU), which opens Sunday in Kigali Rwanda, should be largely devoted to South Sudan, where plane the shadow of a new large-scale conflict after soaring violence last week in Juba. “It is time to send a strong message to the South Sudanese leaders. The South Sudanese people have been betrayed by their own leaders (…) We can not tolerate this and we will not tolerate it”, said Saturday evening the Secretary General of the UN Ban Ki-moon, setting the tone. “Now is the time for decisive and collective...

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Democratic Republic of Congo is Not protecting its Citizens

The Democratic Republic of Congo has always been and will be a hospitable place for all peoples of the world because this particular quality is innate in us. However, this legendary hospitality should not be construed as naivety because she brought us to the land of unsavory people who think they have the right to kill, rape and destroy our national heritage. It happened that we do not mean the son and daughters of the DRC who have lost their lives in foreign countries starting with our immediate neighbors even in distant countries like India. These killings of Congolese...

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Torrential Rain Destroys Homes in Southern DRC

After the rain, the weather is nice it is said, but Kinsevere, a village 30 km from the city of Lubumbashi in Katanga province of the former, the rain did enormous damage destroying 102 houses as a result of a torrential rain that fell on the night of November 2 to 3 in this part of the town. In addition to the registered property damage,  ten people were seriously injured. Faced with this natural disaster, victims families call for political and administrative authorities of the former Katanga province that provides financial and material assistance. Indeed, the former Katanga province...

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Congolese Models

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