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How can we talk today about the peace of the Congo?

Free and incisive. She takes herself so seriously that she puts on love of her country, Congo for the advancement of society. Odette Babandoa Etoa, paraphrasing Ms BECHON, who said that “conflicts would be avoided and peace saved if the well-being of the people and the improvement of living conditions were the main objective of governments, Is peace the absence of war? Reflection. At the end of an outing held on September 21st, during the celebration of the International Day of Peace, at the Monusco facilities located at Camp Utex, right next to the French Embassy in La Gombe,...

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Finding Solutions to Restore State Authority in Kasai Oriental

Kasai, Kasai Central, Kasai Oriental, Lomami and Sankuru will no longer suffer from the throes of militiamen operating under the Kamuina Nsapu label. The task has been difficult, but it is well done. Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior and Security, under President Kabila, completed the peace process in that part of the country. It is the forum on peace, reconciliation and development of the Great Kasai which is, in fact, the last phase of this marathon of peace. From September 19 to 21, in Kananga, capital of Central Kasai Province, officials, notables, customary chiefs and...

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Elections rushed and without the Kasai, will Mean the Balkanization of Congo

Organising elections in the DRC without the Kasai means admitting that the institutions can one day function without the participation of about a fifth of the population. In so doing, we will make a dangerous step in the process of balkanization by this act, “said a pro-Majority analyst, in a new forum which, in passing, chastises the holding of hasty elections and at any price . He therefore calls on the Congolese democrats to mobilise themselves once again to resist the Belgian attempt to impose their men through an election that would exclude a large part of the Congolese...

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The Congolese Dialogue Road Map Adopted

The Preparatory Committee of the Congolese dialogue concluded its work. The contours and the timing of the dialogue are now known. So, is it established that compelling forum should start at the beginning of this September. Barring unforeseen circumstances, the taste of the dialogue could be given on Thursday, September 1, 2016. For how long? The road map adopted on Saturday, August 27, talks about a fortnight. The Facilitator has, however, margins of power, to reasonably extend the timing, if necessary. The progress of the site has not been fixed in advance. On the agenda, the dialogue will primarily...

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Ban Ki-Moon is positioned more towards dialog in DRC

Although it remains far from the DRC, the Secretary General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon, pays attention to the political situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo, particularly with the start of inclusive national political dialogue which the work of the preparatory committee continues this Thursday, August 25, 2016. in a statement issued last Tuesday, he recommends that Congolese political actors to participate in the dialogue to unblock the electoral process. In his speech, Ban Ki-Moon is positioned more towards dialogue, rather focusing on the format defined in the Resolution 2277 of the UN Security Council. This resolution...

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