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Joseph Kabila Reorganises Congolese Public Administration

Through a series of presidential ordinances and, of course, decrees of Prime Minister, agents and civil servants of the state were promised and retired by the Head of State, Joseph Kabila Kabange. A fairly large number of executing agents, collaborators, senior officials and senior officials are concerned by this wave of measures taken by the Presidency of the Republic and the Prime Minister. Is it a punishment? Far from there. As recognized observers, including trade unionists, the regulations in accordance with the laws of the Republic have been taken into account. Among other things, the two major criteria are...

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How Congolese Responded to major events that occur in the country

In the specific context of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, it is important to know how the population responds to each major events that occurs in the country. Thus after the passing test by the Government of broad national unity led by Bruno Tshibala in the National Assembly, and after its bill of Finance of 2017 is judged admissible by both Houses of Parliament, Echoes of Opinion n Did not want to fail in the mission that he had to resort to the popular barometer in order to know how it deciphered the first signals sent to him...

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Pope Francis appeals for peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo

Pope Francis appeals for peace in the Democratic Republic of Congo following the killing of protesters demonstrating against President Joseph Kabila in several cities across the country. After meeting recently with the heads of the Congolese Bishops’ Conference, the pope renewed his call during his weekly general audience on 21st December, urging the people of Congo to “be authors of reconciliation and peace.” “May those who have political responsibility listen to the voice of their own conscience, may they be able to see the cruel suffering of their compatriots and have at heart the common good,” the pope said....

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Development of the Congo DR parliamentary group

In an update given to the press, the parliamentary group UDPS and Allies fully supports Samy Badibanga who participated in the work of the Preparatory Committee of the Political Dialogue. As such, he is both the spokesman and the only person authorised to commit the parliamentary group UDPS and Allies. No question of giving in to rumors about any disavowal that come from nowhere. By going to the Dialogue, Samy Badibanga has not betrayed anyone. Instead, he obeyed the logic of the Group exercised the option, on June 16, to take active part in the dialogue. Indeed, at the...

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Interview with Honourable Samy Badibanga

Géopolis Hebdo (GH): Honourable Samy Badibanga, you are the current Chairman of the parliamentary group “UDPS and Allies” to the chamber base of the Congolese Parliament, you just participate in the work of the opening ceremony of the Preparatory Committee of National Dialogue the Beatrice hotel, Kinshasa -Gombe, while your party and the political group to which it belongs, the Gathering, the boycott. The latter, with the support of their allies, even organized the recent day ghost town in the capital. How do you justify your presence at this stage of the process? Union for Democracy and Social Progress...

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Congolese Models

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