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Free Franck Diongo Now!!

As announced, the trial of the National Deputy Franck Diongo took place yesterday, Wednesday, December 28, 2016. It was in the hall Marcel Lihau of the Supreme Court of Justice. For this new hearing, the National President of the MLP arrived by a medical ambulance and by infusion. It was in this way that he appeared before the judges of the Supreme Court of Justice acting as the Court of Cessation.He was found guilty of illegally detaining three soldiers during a protest last week in the capital Kinshasa. This Wednesday’s audience was special. It is a crazy world chants...

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Congolese prisoners of conscience Should be Released Now

The Bishops of the Episcopal Conference of Congo handed over to expired president of DRC, Joseph Kabila a list of Congolese prisoners of conscience and exiles with emblematic cases such as Katumbi, Muyambo, Diomi, Anzulini, Mbusa and Lumbala.  Its very disturbing to the Congolese people, when Joseph Kabila can go to meet and talk to their tormentors,.such as Criminal Paul Kagame of Rwanda and criminal Yoweri Museveni of Uganda that designed and funded horrendous crimes on our people. But, he can’t even pardon political prisoners on bogus charges, because he is too drunk with power. The children of Congo...

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Congolese Models

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