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Let’s talk about history…
In March 1966, there is a third movement (saying-if nationalist) Unita, formed by Jonas Savimbi. This, originating in the province of the bié province in the centre of Angola, had contacts with the mpla in 1961, but, binds to the UPA / fnla encouraged by President Bolivar Jomo Kenyatta and the minister of foreign affairs tom mboya, that maintained links With The CLA. In Grae occupies post of ” The Secretary-General ” And ” Minister of Foreign Affairs ”. Jonas Savimbi created mechanisms to create an independent basis within the fnla / Grae and develop external contacts (during this time, he had contacts with the secret police).
In July 1964, leave the fnla, along with some other members, for reasons connected with the leadership of Holden Roberto, stating that this was tribalista and favored the members of ethnicity bakongo, racist towards the mongrels and white and that he was channelling funds For their own accounts. Criticized him also because this refused to develop a military operation over long of the province of katanga (border with Angola). Jonas Savimbi considers the chance to join the mpla, but imposes on agostinho neto which gave him the post of Vice-President in charge of foreign relations. When he saw denied your claim, two years later founded the unita.
Second Basil Davidson, Jonas Savimbi I just wanted to be subject to their own leadership and nobody else’s. After having founded unita, Jonas Savimbi does know who wanted to establish a free zone, operate only from the inside by developing a rhetoric ” Anti-Social-Soviet imperialism ”.
The first action of guerrilla warfare of unita occurs on the 25th of December 1966 when they hit the city fronteriça Teixeira De Sousa (currently luau), On the way-of-Iron Benguela, near the border with then zaire and not far from the Zambia, which requires a temporary interruption of transport to and from that country. The President of Zambia, kaunda, reacts violently to attack because the zambia depended on the way-of-Iron for transactions and, even though the kaunda savimbi promised that it would never attack the way-of-Iron, what is certain is that the Unita, in 1967, he made derail trains twice, causing kaunda drive off the head of the delegation of unita in Zambia. After a year in Cairo, Jonas Savimbi back to angola smuggled through the Zambia, insuflando new life and actions of guerrilla warfare of unita in the east of the territory of Angola and cooperated with the services of military security Portuguese. Unita regularly attacked the bases of the mpla in the east of Angola. Unita has served as a strong arm of the Portuguese troops in the rear, with special mission of molesting the people who followed and supported the mpla, in the land of the east and the centre of the country until 1974. The collaboration with the imperialist interests continued to characterise the behaviour Of Jonas Savimbi and ideologoa (hidden) of unita until today…
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