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    After the thanks of the Secretaries General of the Public Administration, President Kabila has just passed a major blow of broom in the enterprises of the portfolio of the State. The idea is to give a new lease of life to these state production units in this difficult period, marked by the great decline in economic activity. For example, at the SCTP, Joseph Kabila, the SOKIMO, MIBA, SNEL, REGIDESO, ANAPI, SONAHYDRO, CVM, OGEFREM and finally the CSP, placed the new leaders there. In the lot of entries, there are figures known to the DRC Congolese political scene including Daniel Mukoko, former right hand man of Matata; André-Alain Atundu, spokesman for the Presidential Majority; Alexandre Luba Ntambo, former Minister of Defense; Me Placide Yoko Yakembe, Several times Ministers, Ambassadors, PCA, Professor of Universities; Honorary Member. The big news fell on Thursday, July 13, the date on which, on the Radio Télévision Nationale Congolaise -RTNC- the series of ordinances were unveiled to the public. It is important to note, however, that there are large departures, notably at the Multimodal Freight Management Office -OGEFREM- where the dynamic Anatole Kikwa and its deputy, India Omari, leave room for the tandem Patient Sayiba Ntambwe (DG) and Olivier Manzila Mutala (DGA). Below, Prosperity offers its readers, the list of happy last promoted.

    Commercial Corporation of Transport and Ports (SCPT)
    Ms. Vicky Katumwa Makalayi (PCA)
    Daniel Mukoko Samba (DG)
    Destin Pelete Shimuna (DGA)
    Kay Kumwimba (Member)
    Jean-Jacques Bemba (Member)
    Ms. Kuku Itambo (Member)
    Genesis Lushiku Muya (Member)
    Constant Mutamba (Member)
    Macaire Mukumbu (Member)
    Clément Kitenge Kisaka (Member)

    Kilo-Moto Mining Company (SOKIMO)
    Ms. Annie Kitima Muzusi (PCA)
    Upio Kapura (DG)
    Guylain Kayembe Mutshuka (Member)
    Gilbert Sukabo (Member)
    Christian Okoko Okorango (Member)
    Sylvain Mputu Otho (Member)

    III. Higher Portfolio Board (PSC)

    Maurice Mbayo Mudiya (Chairman)
    Norbert Nkubu Eluna (Vice-Chairman)

    National Agency for the Promotion of Investment (ANAPI)
    Mr. Hugues Ntoto (PCA)
    Anthony Kinzokamole (DG)
    Ms. Rose Dorée Bokeleale Ebeta (DGA)
    Balthazar Muba wa Mwepu (Member)
    Mr Christophe Bitasimwa Bahayi (Member)
    Ms. Pamela Ilunga Bosolo (Member)
    Ms. Cathy Kalanga Kasusula (Member)

    National Hydrocarbon Corporation of the Congo (SONAHYDRO)
    Alexandre Luba Ntambo (PCA)
    Hubert Mihemy (DG)
    Vuhunu Louis Gérard (DGA)
    Modeste Mboningaba (Member)
    Auguste Mampuya Kamuka (Member)
    Jacques Muyumba Ntubula (Member)
    Ms. Mamie Elongo Lokata (Member)

    Congolese of the Maritime Ways (CVM)
    Mrs Marie – Madeleine Mienze (PCA)
    Mrs Christine Tuse Dahombo (DG)
    Etienne Tadila Makanda (DGA)
    André Mpungwe Songo (Member)
    Ms. Colette Tchomba Ntundu (Member)
    André Elite Asebeya (Member)
    Constant Udiekila (Member)

    VII. Water Distribution Authority (REGIDESO)

    1. Yoko Yakembe (PCA)
    Clément Mubiayi Nkashama (DG)
    Mr. Désiré Babeni (DGA)
    Mr. Mukuna (Member)
    Ms. Ngayisha Vayite (Member)
    Ms. Aurélie Batumwike (Member)
    Balthazar Shama (Member)
    Gaston Londo Mpwanda (Member)
    Mr. Pardonne Kaliba (Member)

    VIII. National Electricity Company (SNEL)

    André-Alain Atundu Liongo (PCA)
    Jean-Bosco Kayombo (DG)
    Fabrice Lusinde wa Lusangi (DGA)
    Raphael Luhulu (Member)
    Alphonse Kisolekele (Member)
    Guylain Tchikez Diemu (Member)
    Marcellin Minaku (Member)
    Jean-Paul Ngabana (Member)
    Ms. Sandrine Mubenga Ngalula (Member)
    Ms. Lisca Abayuwe (Member)

    The Bakwanga Mining (MIBA)
    Dieudonné Mbaya Tshakani Tshabantu (PCA)
    Albert Mukina Kanda Kanda (DG)
    Paulin Ngandu Kamanda (Member)
    Didier Kazadi Nyembwe (Member)

    Multimodal freight management office (OGEFREM)
    Patient Sayiba Ntambwe (DG)
    Olivier Manzila Mutala (DGA)
    REGIDESO: Me Yoko Yakembe named PCA


    Jean-Placide Yoko YakembeHe was appointed by Presidential Order on Thursday 13 July. It is indeed Jean-Placide Yoko Yakembe, Lawyer of his State and Ordinary Professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of Kinshasa, appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors of Regideso SA. It was late in the evening that this news fell.

    Indeed, the appointment of Me Yoko is not a leap in the void. He has worked in several public and private institutions. For example, he was Minister of Labor and Social Welfare in 1977, Counsel to the Court of Appeal of Kinshasa / Gombe, Director of SNEL (1978-1991), Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mobil Oil In 2002 and many others. In this edition, the entire Curriculum Vitae of Me Yoko, New PCA of REGIDESO is offered to you. To read in the following lines.

    curriculum Vitae

    Professional experiences

    In Higher Education
    Director of Studies at the ENDA, 1968-1971
    Professor at the National School of Administration (ENDA), 1967-1971;
    Associate researcher at CNRS-Paris;
    Professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Kinshasa since 1971;
    Professor at William Both University in Kinshasa;
    Professor at Simon Kimbangu University, Kinshasa;
    President of the University of Kabinda since 1994.
    In Ministerial Cabinets
    Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, 1977;
    Minister of Justice and Institutional Reform, 1991;
    Minister of Land Affairs, 1993-1994;
    Director of Cabinet at the Portfolio (2000).
    In diplomacy
    Deputy Permanent Representative of the Congo to the United Nations and Specialized Agencies in Geneva, 1971-1975
    Ambassador appointed in 1986
    At the Bar of Kinshasa
    Lawyer at the Court of Appeal of Kinshasa / Gombe
    In the Parliament
    Commissioner of the Elected People (1982-1987), in the District of Kabinda;
    Member of the National Assembly elected (1987-1992) of the Territory of Lubao (Sentery);
    Counselor of the Republic designated by the CNS (1992-1997)
    In Public Enterprises
    Director of SNEL (1978-1991)
    Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mobile OIL (2002)
    Diplomatic and Scientific Activities

    Representative of the Congo to the Legal Committee of the International Civil Aviation Organization in Paris;

    Member of the Congolese delegation to the 14th session of the General Conference of Unesco, Paris;
    Member of the Congolese Delegation to the 6th International Congress of Criminology in Madrid;
    Member of the Congolo- Tanzanian Commission on Balbase negotiations (1976-1977)
    Member of the Congolese Delegation to the Assembly of the Contracting Parties to the GATT, (1971, 1972, 1973, 1974);
    Representative of the Congo at the Berne Conference on Copyright, Paris, 1971;
    Representative of the Congo at the sessions of the Economic and Social Council in Geneva in 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974 and 1975;
    Representative of the Congo to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women since 1972;
    Head of the Congo Delegation to the World Assembly of the International Civil Defense Organization (ICPO), 1971-1975;
    Member of the Congolese Delegation to the International Labor Conference (ILO) in Geneva, 1972-75;
    Representative of Congo to the ITU World Telegraph Administrative Conference; 1973;
    Member of the Co-ordinating Committee of the World Intellectual Property Organization since 1972;
    Delegate of the Republic of Congo to the United Nations Conference on Disarmament since 1973, Geneva;
    Chairman of the Conference of the Disarmament Committee, 1975 summer session, Geneva;
    Member of the Congolese Delegation to the 17th UPU World Congress, Lasanne, June 1974;
    Member of the Congolese Delegation to the United Nations Seminar on the Protection of Minorities, Yugoslavia, 1974;
    Head of the Congolese Delegation to the Tunis Symposium on Horizontal Cooperation among Developing Countries, 1975;
    Head of the Congolese Delegation to the Conference on the Law of the Sea, Geneva, 1975;
    Member of the Congolese Delegation to the Conference of Ministers of the PTT of Central Africa, Kinshasa, November 1975;
    Member of the Congolese Delegation to the Constituent Conference of the Pan-African Telecommunications Union, Kinshasa, February 1975;
    Member of the OCPT Delegation to the African Development Bank (ADB) in Abidjan, 1977;
    Member of the SNEL Delegation to the World Bank for the Rehabilitation of Shaba Electrical Network, Washington, January 1992;
    Member of the Delegation of SNEL in Kigali for negotiations with REGIDESO, 1982;
    Member of the Delegation of SNEL 0 Bujumbura for the Ruzizi II project, 1982;
    Member of the Committee of National Experts on the looting and illegal exploitation of the resources and other wealth of the DRC;
    Chairman of the Political-Legal Subcommission of the Committee of National Experts on the looting and illegal exploitation of natural resources and other wealth of the DRC;
    Member of the Congolese Delegation to the Security Council session on the plundering of natural resources in the DRC, 2001;

    Activities within the civil society of the DRC
    Honorary member of the Zaire League of Electors;
    Chairman of the Board of Directors of the League of Voters’ Awareness (LICE) since 1992;
    General Counselor and Spokesperson of the Higher Council of Civil Society;
    Member of the African Fraternity for the Development of Rural Areas Foundation;
    President of the Foundation “Center pour l’Enfance Bon Départ”, 14th Street, Bobozo Avenue, Socopao / Limete;
    Member of the Association of PROFESSORS of the University of Kinshasa, APUKIN;
    Member of UNAPAS;
    Member of the Higher Council of Civil Society;
    Chairman of the Board of Directors of the University of Kabinda;
    Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Disaster Relief Foundation;
    Founder member of the Sino-Congolese Association for the Care of Orphaned Children;
    Member and Legal Counsel of ANAPECO;
    Chairman of the Board of the Orchestra LUSOMBE MADIMBA
    Honorary member of FORKAS;
    Honorary member of the LOSANGANIA folk group;
    Honorary member of the BASOKIN Orchestra;
    Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “La Prosperité” newspaper;
    Chairman of the Board of Directors of the “BAOBA” newspaper.
    political life

    National President of the MNR

    Member co-founder of the Social Movement for Renewal (MSR)

    School curriculum
    Doctor of State in Law of the University of Paris, 1971;
    Doctor of Political Science, University of Dijon, 1969;
    Licentiate in Law from the National University of Congo (Kinshasa), 1965;
    Graduate of Higher Studies in International Relations (D.E.S, Paris 1969);
    Graduate of Higher Studies in Public Law, (D.E.S, Paris 1968);
    Graduate of Higher Studies in Private Law (DE.E.S Lovanium, Kinshasa), 1970;
    Graduate of the Institute of French Studies of Touraine France, Tours, 1962.
    Training course
    Trainee at the Institut de Hautes Etudes d’Outre-Mer, Paris, 1963;

    Trainee to the Tribunal and the Parque de Kolwezi, Congo, 1963;

    Trainee at the Quai d’Orsay, Paris and at the French Embassy in Madrid (Spain);

    Trainee at the Permanent Delegation of the Congo to UNESCO, Paris, 1967;

    Trainee at the United Nations in Geneva on:

    The Law of the Sea, Geneva;
    Economic Law, Geneva, 1973;
    Diplomatic Law, 1974;
    The Geneva Conventions, 1975
    Names: Yoko Yakembe

    Post name ; Jean-Placide

    Place and date of birth: Tshofa, December 12, 1939

    Gender: Male

    Marital status: married, father of a family

    Origin Province: Kasaï -Oriental

    District: Kabinda

    Territory of origin: Lubao

    Nationality: Congolese

    Phone: + 243 999986442 – + 243 819986442

    Spoken languages


    The Labor Party and the new Political and Social Class are ready for the upcoming elections. This is explained by the official launch yesterday, Sunday 16 July 2017 in the commune of Limete in Funa, of the electoral center of the Labor Party. It was Steve Mbikayi himself, in his capacity as initiator of the Labor Party and of the New Political and Social Class, which launched the plant. This gesture proves to the point that the PT is ready to face the next elections that are already in the process of voter enrollment. On this occasion, the moral authority of the party installed the members of the office of the electoral center which will have the heavy mission to implement the strategies of the party in connection with the elections. Steve Mbikayi and the PT are determined to take more than 20 seats at the national level and several other seats at the local and provincial levels. In his word, the Labor Party Initiator said that the party will be represented at all levels. Taking advantage of the opportunity, he welcomed the work being done at the provincial level by the Inter-federal Presidents. According to his remarks, the PT is counted among the 20 best parties of all the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

    Steve Mbikayi has set up the office of the Labor Party’s electoral center in front of several hundred members. The latter has grandiose ambitions for the upcoming elections. It is a question of electing more than 20 national MPs on its list and several others at the provincial and local level. In front of the press, the Moral Authority of the PT has fixed assignments assigned to this office composed of 22 members. “We came to install the coordinating office of our Labor Party’s electoral center. It is a gesture to prove that we are well prepared to face the electoral battle to come as soon as the CENI will invite us. The mission that is being given to this plant is to start preparations for the elections because we have set ourselves a lot of goals for this. And, we have ambitions large enough in relation to these electoral games. We want to be among the most important parties in the Republic by the number of seats we need at all levels, namely local, provincial, and national, “he said. “We have 15 to 20 MPs at the national level and we want to be represented at all levels. Instead of being distracted, we have preferred to take action to prepare ourselves seriously for this. So we think that with the work being done in different provinces, we can do that. We want this office to help us achieve the goals we have. “

    No elections in 2017

    Reacting to the controversy over the non-organisation of elections in 2017 as announced by the President of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Corneille Nangaa, PT number one thinks this is not a surprise because all Negotiators either of the city of the African Union or the Cenco knew full well that it was impossible to organize the elections within the time limit fixed by the agreement of the saint-sylvestre. He took this opportunity to call on Congolese politicians to avoid demagoguery and to tell the truth to the people. “In relation to the controversy over what the President of the CENI, Corneille Nangaa, declared, I think he did well to anticipate to avoid tensions such as the one we September of last year. Because when we were at CENCO, all of us, negotiators, were sure that it was not possible to have the elections in 2017. This date was imposed on the CENI when it disagreed . That’s what Mr. Corneille Nangaa said, that’s what all the negotiators already knew, but refused to say. I think that we must stop with demagogy, elections are possible next year, that is to say in 2018. This year is a utopia, “he said.

    Speaking with his speech, the Secretary General of the Labor Party, Aaron Mukula, called on all of them to be aware. For him, we must not give in to distraction, we must rather stand ready because sooner or later, there will be elections in this country. In his speech, he elaborated on several points, including the electoral context in the DRC; The motivations for the establishment of the coordination office of the electoral center of the PT … So far, it must be said that the Coordination Office of the Electoral Center of the Labor Party is installed.


    Convention of the Republicans

    Political grouping member of the “RASSEMBLEMENT”

    Unity in Transparency and Reciprocal Loyalty



    Meeting in ordinary session this Friday, July 14, 2017, the College of Presidents of the Political Parties took the following position:

    In his capacity as President of the CENI, an institution supporting democracy, Mr Corneille NANGAA has no power to postpone elections that are dangerously yielding to the vagaries of power and in violation of the New Year’s Eve Agreement.
    Such an oblique statement, moreover, provocative, engages only its author because our people is aware of the disastrous situation that it crosses and will not fail to take charge in due course.
    The RC insists on the strict observance of the deadline agreed in the CENCO Agreement and denounces all these biased declarations and invites the CENI to regroup in order to respond to the expectation of the Congolese people who wish to exercise fully and unhindered any of its Constitutional and democratic right to freely choose its representatives for peaceful alternation.
    Done at Kinshasa on 14 July 2017

    The President of the College of Presidents

    François ATIBU TSHOMBA


    Democratic Republic of Congo

    Ministry of Finance

    The Director General

    N.I.F A0707219F

    The General Directorate of Taxes informs all taxpayers who are subject to the Professional Income Tax (IPR), to the Exceptional Tax on Compensation paid to expatriate staff (IERE) and Value Added Tax (VAT), which As the maturity date for the June 2017 filings falls on a Saturday, they are entitled to meet their reporting and payment obligations by Monday, July 17, 2017.

    After this period, tax penalties will be applied in accordance with the law.

    Done at Kinshasa on 11 July 2017

    Sele Yalaghuli


    At the summit of the African Union in Addis Ababa, the Heads of State and Government adopted a resolution on the establishment of an African Youth Development Fund. This resolution, it should be said, is the first of this summit. And, thus, confirms the leadership of the DRC through the person of Francine Muyumba, President of the Pan-African Union of Youth (UPJ) on the continental political agora. At least that is the opinion of several observers in Addis Ababa. “Taking full advantage of the demographic dividend by investing in Youth” is the theme for this meeting, the second and last of its kind for 2017.

    The agenda of the day included the report by President Idriss Deby (initiator of the theme of the year 2017) on youth, drawing on the main youth recommendations recently formulated by young people at the Pan African Youth Forum. Thus, History will remember that on July 3, 2017, following the tireless advocacy of PUJ President Francine Muyumba and her team and the support of the thousands of young Africans, a new step was taken With a view to the development of youth, following the definitive establishment of the African Youth Development Fund. Its adoption unanimously took place on Monday 3 July 2017 in plenary by all the Heads of State and Government of the African Union after a debate on the report focused on youth presented by President Chadian Idris Déby Itno Who is at the same time President of the African Union. This decision is a great relief for the African youth, according to Francine Muyumba who is awaiting its materialization so that this is beneficial to all African youth. She thanked President Idriss Deby Itno, the African Union Youth 2017 Champion, Professor Alpha Condé and all African Heads of State. Francine Muyumba, on behalf of the African youth, thanked the Commission of the African Union and all the young Africans who participated in this struggle. This is a great victory for African youth because the African Fund for Youth Development that has just been adopted in Addis Ababa represents 1% of the budget of the African Union. That is what will be allocated to this fund, which is almost US $ 7 million.


    Thérèse NGOYI, better known by the name of Faya Tess, a freshwater siren, is not a singer to be presented in the Congolese musical arena. This legendary heiress of the rumba made the rain and the good weather alongside the Lord TABU LEY. With an unparalleled clear voice, she is one of the few women who fervently defend and value the original rumba until today.

    This explains the importance that Faya Tess attaches to her current project entitled “The Time of the Classics”, the aim of which is to pay tribute to the fathers and veterans of Congolese Rumba.

    Based in Paris, the singer pursues with determination this project thanks to the moral support and the supervision of the house “Air World Culture” of Mr. André TETU.

    For this series, the Mermaid of fresh water has just launched the 6th volume of “Temps des Classiques”, on the international record market. A compilation of high quality in which she exhumes the best musical compositions signed by the great spirits of the rumba. Through her sublime voice, the singer venerates and dedicates a beautiful part to the legendary groups such as Maquisards, OK Jazz, Afrisa and Bantou of the Capital.

    Very enchanting, the work is composed of 16 percussive tracks divided into double audio CD, box. For example, in CD 1, we can find hits like “Boma ngai to bomona” by Madilu System, “Kinshasa” by Tabu Ley, “Monzo” by Josky Kiambukuta, “Zando ya tipo tipo” by Michel Boyibanda and others. While CD 2 is fed on anthological songs such as “Mbawu na ko retrieve yo” and “Inoussa” from the poet Lutumba Simaro, “Zadio” from the immortal guitarist Dr. Nico Kassanda, “Marceline” from Grand Master Franco, ” Ibrahim “by Dino Vangu, etc.

    Bravo the artist!

    Artistically, this series is the expression of a fantastic work that was realized with the assistance of the giants Congolese artists. The singer has picked up specifically, with a feminine seductive touch that deserves a particular attention from music lovers, hit hits.

    Like the soft voice of Faya Tess, the work experienced the muscular intervention of the ancestor Nyboma Kanta as well as Wuta Mayi, two icons of the rumba whose vocal powers illuminated the work.

    On the other hand, the irrefutable technicality of the indefatigable Caen Madoka, which brought rhythmic tone with its magic touch to the solo guitar, bass and accompaniment, was noted. All of them have worked tirelessly to achieve this multidimensional project.

    However, the former diva of Afrisa expressed its gratitude to the two great patrons of African culture. It is particularly the Master Alexis Vincent Gomez and the Mayor Hugues Ngouélondelé, for their support to this project, to perpetuate the rumba which has become an intangible cultural heritage of UNESCO.

    Overall, the 6 volumes are a selection of unheard-of songs that sometimes characterize the relevance of a generation of music “Fiesta & Odemba”, two great schools of Congolese rumba.


    Roger Nsingi use of forgery

    While it is obviously digesting its downfall of the Presidency of the Provincial Assembly of Kinshasa on September 30, the Honourable Roger Nsingi, one learns sources close to this deliberative organ of the Capital-province, could be found, very soon, before the bar. Not for the facts alleged against him at the time of his eviction, namely: mismanagement, but rather for “use of forgery” and “forgery in writing”.

    What exactly is it?

    In correspondence giving notice of the taking of an act of renunciation of a parliamentary mandate signed on 18 July 2015 and transmitted to his addressee, the Honorable Mbengama Lonz’liso Francis, most recently on 3 October 2017, the VPM in charge of the Interior and the Minister of Relations with the Parliament, Nsingi Roger said he took note of the renunciation of the mandate of his Vice-President in 2015. At the request of Mr. Botswali Barthélémy, Codeli, from which the Vice-President of the Provincial Assembly of Kinshasa emerged.

    Where arguments do not stand the ground, it is clear that in 2015, Nsingi Roger’s critics note, it is clear that at this time of the writing of this letter, the Ministry of the Interior, in its had no decentralization dimension as stated in the letter of the deprived President of the Kinshasa Provincial Assembly (APK). Moreover, the Ministry of Relations with Parliament was not, at the same time, headed by a Minister of State, Lisanga Bonganga, at the present time. And so the departments to which Nsingi Roger had reserved copies did not exist in 2015. It is forgeries in writing and use of forgeries, conclude the opponents of the elected Lingwala who are already constituted in civil part in what ” it is already appropriate to call a “suit against Roger Nsingi for forgery in writing and use of forgeries”.

    Another question that is challenging is that why Roger Nsingi waited two years and a few months to mail his correspondence allegedly drafted on October 3, 2017, so after his downfall of the Provincial Assembly on September 30th?

    For the perpetrators of the defeat of the President of the Kinshasa parliament, hear the 39 elected members who voted for his departure from their institution, Nsingi Roger wants the public to believe that his Vice President, Mbengama Lonz’liso Francis, was no longer member of the Provincial Assembly of Kinshasa at the time of the vote of his forfeiture. And yet, argue-one, irrefutable evidence testifies against Nsingi Roger. Notably, several orders of mission signed by him, while he had the imperium. Among others, 001 / APK / PRES / 2016, where 25 people, MPs and APK staff, were authorized to travel to the United States of America, with Francis Mbengama as Head of Delegation Vice-President of the APK. It was to attend the 60th session of the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.

    There is also the collective mission order number 667 / APK / PRES / 2017 for 14 Provincial MPs and 7 members of the APK for a similar mission in New York. Here, the same Francis Mbengama led the delegation of the APK.

    Finally, exit authorizations No. 014 / APK / PRES / 2017 and 039 / PRES / APK2016 respectively signed by Nsingi Roger on 20 June 2016 and 9 November 2016 for 60 days and 6 days, in favor of Vice-President Mbengama Francis and his wife and their companions, all went to South Africa.

    This makes the opponents of the fallen President say that he must be prosecuted for the use of false and false in writing.


    Let's go to the elections!

    No more question of distraction with the proliferation of absurd discussions or idle circumlocutions. Let’s go to the elections! ”. Clear message, speech adapted to the political situation of the moment. Now, at the CDER, things are taken seriously, since the CENI published, on November 5, the new calendar setting the elections to December 23, 2018. Officers and activists, leagues around Jean-Lucien Bussa Tongba, are ready to wash the affront, in these polls which, after several postponements, were, this time, confirmed for December 2018. “We recommend that the Government quickly send the electoral law to the National Assembly and that the Enrollment process is accelerating. Most of the time is the elections scheduled for 2018, which interest us the most. The road to the street is not worth it, “said Jean-Lucien Bussa Tongba on Saturday, November 11, in Kasa-Vubu, on the occasion of the inauguration of a brand new seat of the Renewing Democrats Movement, his own political party. He said it so well, from the top of the platform erected for the occasion, to allow him to commune with the entire tide made up of activists, cadres and sympathizers of the party, who came from all over the city-Province of Kinshasa, to know a little more about the orientations mainly focused on the prospects in relation to the electoral deadlines. To be honest, the Renewing Democrats of R & D. Congo, led by Bussa, elected from Budjala on the blessed lands of former Ecuador and Minister of State in charge of Foreign Trade, are launched on the ground, for preparations to win several seats in Parliament, during the games elections in 2018.

    Bussa aims, indeed, the top 5 of the first parties that will gain the most possible seats both at national level and at the provincial level.

    Executives and activists learned from their leader this weekend. They are, in fact, embarked on this vision of preparing, right now, the victory instead of believing in a miracle fortuitous.

    Bussa believes, hard as iron, that it must be seriously worked to deserve to be ranked pole position, when the time comes. The message thus launched is part of the implementation of the electoral calendar, as published on 5 November 2017 by the CENI.

    At the CDER, Bussa also thinks that there is no longer any question of spending time talking or discussing. Enough is enough ! We just need people to prepare for the elections. That is all. The rest is, in his opinion, only trivial. Hence, the mobilization he launched this Saturday, November 11, 2017 until elections 2018.

    What about the CDER?

    The CDER is a political party officially recognized since December 17, 2013, by the ministerial decree n ° 100 bearing registration of a political party. The trend of the Rénovateurs Democrats, CDER, is a party of men and women concerned about the multiform crisis that the Democratic Republic of Congo has been going through for several years and highlighted by insecurity in the country, the poverty that 71% of the population, as well as the backwardness of the country, according to all economic and social indicators, to the other countries of the world. This, in contradiction with the immense economic potentialities available to the Democratic Republic of Congo. “We are together for a strong ambition: that of an emerging Congo and a dignified people. Yes, a strong and prosperous Congo is possible! A rapid and radical change is possible. It depends only on the determination of the elites and the mobilisation of all the forces of the nation. We defend democratic principles, the promotion of moral values, respect for the rule of law, the promotion of fundamental freedoms, respect for the principles of equality and equity; the respect of economic and social rights for a Congo whose vocation is to join the circle of emerging countries and a socially fulfilled people. We highlight, the role of the elites and the effective involvement of the entire population to achieve the desired qualitative change “is the premise of the CDER, a party dear to the worthy son of Ecuador, Jean-Lucien Bussa , its National President.

    Alternative leadership

    The current vision of the Renewing Democrats is based on the belief that the difference between states today rests on the quality of leadership.

    Hence, the ambition would be to offer the Congolese a credible and visionary alternative leadership for quality governance that derives from effective institutions, held by an ambitious and responsible elite.

    In doing so, the CDER advocates the fact that it is possible to break the contradiction: “DRC, a country with immense natural potential and populations among the poorest in the world”. The Renewing Democrats’ Stream advocates, in fact, the restoration of R & D. Congo in the geostrategic, economic and social position that corresponds to its true dimension, and the Congolese people in their lost dignity.

    The purpose of the CDER’s struggle is to place the country in the orbit of the developed countries, and to restore the dignity of the Congolese.

    It is in this perspective that it addresses topics of national interest in order to find structural and practical answers.

    Aware of his political struggle, undoubtedly realistic, the National President of the Current of the Renewable Democrats, the Honourable Jean-Lucien Bussa did not hesitate, during the inaugural ceremony of the national headquarters, Saturday, November 11 last, to reaffirm the availability of its elite to face, without fear, or shame, the polls by the end of 2018, as planned in the calendar published on November 5 last. Thought precedes action, he argues, at the CDER.


    the import of old cars in the DRC and their harmful consequences for the environment

    The plenary of Friday, November 10, 2017 has been quite unusual in its progress. Back from a few days in the hemicycle, the Opposition, through the Honorable Toussaint Alonga, made use of an incidential motion to clear its substance an oral question with debate initiated by the Deputy Elvis Mutiri wa Bashara to José Makila Sumanda, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister in charge of Transport. This question concerned the import of 20-year-old used cars in the DRC and their harmful consequences for the environment. According to Deputy Toussaint Alonga, who presented the said motion, the matter criticised by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Transport is transversal. In so far as it concerns four Ministers who had signed the document at the time of the making of this decision under the Badibanga Government.

    These are the Ministers of Finance, Economy, Trade and Transport. In principle, said Deputy Allsaint Alonga, it is the four Ministers who should answer this oral question with debate initiated by the Deputy Elvis Mutiri. ” The decree of 4 April 2017 modifying and completing that of 2012 is a question of transversal and multidisciplinary competence that refers to the general policy of the Government, because, he argued, he was countersigned by four Ministers from different sectors including Economics, Finance, Foreign Trade and Transport and Communication Channels, ‘he said. But he was surprised that the VPM and Minister of Transport was the only guest. Or, then, stressed Toussaint Alonga, it is the Prime Minister who normally should answer since it is a Prime Minister who had signed the decree, Samy Badibanga not to quote it.

    Alonga saves Makila

    It will be recalled that the Parliamentary Opposition slammed the door of the Chamber because of the incidential motion presented by the majority during the motion of no confidence against the VPM Ramazani Shadary and the Minister of State Alexis Thambwe Mwamba.

    Did the same Opposition, which criticised the Speaker of the National Assembly for stifling the debate by accepting incidental motions, contradict each other? Asked a certain opinion. Ironically, reiterate his opponents, the same Opposition, better the same Deputy Toussaint Alonga who personally initiated a petition against Minaku for the aforementioned reasons, it is also he who has now come with the incidental motion to stifle the debate since VPM Makila is responsible for his department. The Opposition, it is said, is caught in its own trap. What about the passport issue, which is also cross-cutting when we know that the question involves the Ministers of Finance, Foreign Affairs and the Interior where the debate took place? MP She Okitundu had, at the time, answered Members’ questions on this issue. What will the Opposition say now when the Majority wavers the same motion to oppose any initiative coming from it? The question is asked.

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