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    Executives and members UNADEF not took off with what they call the endangerment of the life of their National President, Charles Mwando, following the refusal, they say, the provincial authorities of Tanganyika, in connivance with those of Kinshasa, to see his plane land on Kalemie airport, while the craft had already begun landing maneuvers. While denouncing this act, which is not the first against Charles Mwando, they invite the regime to regroup and to rein in, for the respect of individual and collective freedoms. Below, the entire communication signed by the Deputy Secretary General of this party, Mr. Kakule Adelard Florent.

    We members of the National Committee of the UNADEF policy meeting this Monday, September 12, 2016 at the Party national headquarters, declare the following:

    The UNADEF condemns, in the strongest terms, the maneuvers orchestrated by the provincial authorities of Tanganyika with the support of national authorities, to prevent the landing of Kalemie CM airliner carrying the Honorable Charles Mwando nsimba, Sunday, Sept. 11, 2016.
    Indeed, after unsuccessfully attempting, from Lubumbashi to prohibit the boarding of the National UNADEF the President on the ground referred to above, the provincial authorities of Tanganyika have ordered the deployment of large gears on the Kalemie track, when the primer landing maneuvers, thus endangering the lives of the Hon Charles Mwando and other passengers.

    This case illustrates once again that the powers that be, strives to systematically violate the country’s laws as well as individual and collective freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.

    The UNADEF recalls that this is the second time that the National President is prohibited from visiting his electoral stronghold meet its base.
    The UNADEF finds, unfortunately, that these actions are likely to scuttle the efforts of the national and international community in the search for policy easing and national cohesion.
    The UNADEF called the regime, to regroup and to respect the fundamental law and the laws of the Republic, particularly regarding democratic principles, the status of the political opposition and fundamental freedoms; if necessary the UNADEF urge the Congolese people to take responsibility for enforcing prescribed in our Constitution in all its provisions.

    Done at Kinshasa, September 12, 2016

    For the Policy Committee UNADEF,

    Me Kakule Matembela Adelard-Florent

    Deputy General Secretary


    International Institute of Tropical Agriculture, IITA organized a seminar focused on the presentation of results of two sub-projects financed by the Research Project on Agricultural Innovation in PRIA acronym. That was yesterday, Tuesday, August 13, 2016, the IITA headquarters in Gombe, Kinshasa. Two presentations were made by Professor Adrian Moango Mangaa. One focuses on synergy “tea” from compost and “biochar” on the performance of cassava in Eastern Province and the other, on the production of inoculum native endomycorrhizae for increased rice yield in Eastern Province. It should be noted that the two presentations were followed by a constructive debate. The Resident Representative of IITA DRC, Dr. Mahungu Nzola Meso said his joy to offer a framework for exchange on key issues. For its part, the Regional Director believe the development of agriculture in the Congo needs an effective search system.

    Two large size papers were made yesterday, Tuesday, September 13, 2016 at the headquarters of IITA in Gombe. Both the aim to boost agriculture in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This great event was attended by the Regional Director and Representative IITA IITA Resident / Ground. The discussions were fruitful. Participants showed great interest they attach to agriculture, especially the cultivation of cassava. Professor Adrian Moango Mangaa did, before the press, condensed from the two surveys. Speaking of rice, it was revealed that on the sidelines of this survey, this culture is one of the priority crops that have been retained for the province dismembered Tshopo, where the research was conducted in Kisangani Chef- instead of the Province of Tshopo. “Rice is a problem because the varieties used are dégénèressantes. Then the farmer can not produce a satisfactory yield. Thus we developed a new variety of rice that nerica appeal which means new rice of Africa, which is a short cycle cultivar and is very productive, less susceptible to disease, which is why we wanted to use this successful variety to bring our farmers to use techniques that can improve performance. The techniques that are based on local resources “, said Professor Adrian Moango.

    Regarding the reaction of the people in general and farmers in particular, the speaker indicated that there has been a massive support of the population as to the technique adopted. “People have adopted the technique, they understood that you can not do agriculture at the expense of the environment and that it was unwise to begin burning the fields as operating mode. They adopted this technique, though costly from a financial point of view. The farmers burn the fields because they do not have material, financial necessary to arrange the field. But over time, soils are infertile and yields become almost zero. We want to settle the farmer finds a good yield without the environment being destroyed, “he explained.

    cassava value chain

    Regarding the cassava value chain, investigations have shown that it takes much produce. He recalled that in recent times, the DRC was the first cassava producing country then must be transformed products, we must, he thinks, added value. “Cassava is among the least expensive products, while farmers are discouraged because they can sell the cassava, but in return they do not have enough means. As cassava is the first crop of the Democratic Republic of Congo, we first harnessed to show them the best production techniques based on local inputs. All we as manure, garbage, simply profitable instead of always waiting for entries that are not seen or that require technology. So with simple techniques, people understand that they can increase their performance, “he explained. The need therefore is to develop local resources for agriculture is as a driving force of the development of the DR Congo. Also, it will encourage research on the inventory, multiplication and inoculation by AMFS of vegetable crops, food and feed of all villages in the DRC.

    Advice to farmers

    The first tip is to ban incineration because the soil is not sterile, the soil has a life so if you need to produce a lot, we must maintain that life. “When you fire, that is to say that you sterilize the soil. The second advice I would give to farmers is to use the appropriate varieties, that is to say, productive. Above all, they must take account of the substrate, “he explains.

    Partial results?

    In his presentation, Prof. Adrian Moanga said that the results were partial. This is explained in these words: “The extension is a very dangerous area, otherwise farmers reject all you say their so this is why you’ve noticed that I was careful. Because to validate the results, we must reckon with time and with the sites. The goal is to have enough results to different sites and make recommendations … “.

    Kevin Inana


    KAMBINGA Germain, Minister of Industry of the DRC, chaired yesterday, Tuesday, September 13, 2016, a prelude to the meeting of launching a recruitment consultant to study the relevance of the transformation of the REIT’s Industrial Development Bank public Guarantee. This large meeting was held at the Memling hotel in the town of Gombe in Kinshasa. We must therefore say that it is on instruction of the Prime Minister Matata Ponyo and under 28 urgent measures adopted by the Cabinet, that the meeting took place. The Congolese Industry boss is determined to implement all the recommendations of the government and especially the President of the Republic, Head of State, Joseph Kabila.

    During an important meeting held yesterday, Tuesday, September 13, 2016, at the Memling hotel with the Presidency of the Republic, the prime minister, the REIT BCECO and wallet, the Minister of Industry, Germain KAMBINGA has required to implement, rapidly implemented, the 15th measure on the most urgent 28. This, in order to study the relevance of the transformation of the REIT’s Industrial Development Bank and public guarantee. At the rate things are going and whether to count with the determination of the Minister of Industry, the Bank will be operational in two or three years. Explaining the need for this urgent meeting, KAMBINGA Germain spoke as follows: “On the first instruction Minister, Head of Government and pursuant to the 28 measures adopted in the Council of Ministers, urgent measures to allow our country to initiate reforms to the resilience of the public finances and especially to build capacity, we united for the reflections process finalized on the establishment of an industrial investment bank in accordance with the fifteenth integrated measurement within 28 steps. ”

    So says the boss of Industry, there was talk in the presence of experts from the prime minister of the Presidency of the Republic and related departments to work with for the next BCECO hiring a consultant who will provide on the table of government, a mature reflection on the modalities for operationalization of the creative process of this industrial investment bank. To believe his words, the machine is harvested, the first step was the meeting, BCECO confections will work on the terms of reference for that in the coming days, a tender was launched and that recruitment can be put to this consultant, technical and impartial manner, on the table of government, the instruments of operationalization process of the creation of this bank. “Looking ahead, we hope to build this bank within two to three years to come, the time to take the steps, first to the establishment of technical records, raising funds for the capital of this bank, but also the implementation of all necessary pairings, “says the Minister.

    The motivation of the government

    Regarding the motivation of the government, Germain KAMBINGA is categorical: the option is exercised to support the transformation of the Congolese economy. “We are an export economy, this can not continue because it puts us constantly to volatile swings in the international economy. To build resilience, it is necessary for the government to develop instruments capable with even more effectively to address the issue of diversification of our economy. So, the REIT is an existing body already in the DRC and contributing, increasingly and substantially to supporting developmental projects of the Government as Bukanga Lonzo, Congo Airways, … will be confined primarily to this orientation through collection of the tax on the promotion of the industry, “he explained with details. But has he continued in the same way it will be in the implementation strategy, the instrument by which will have to create the industrial investment banking and public guarantees as instructed by the Head of the government.

    And the role of the consultant?

    The role of the consultant will specifically identify the one hand, a thorough and sharp reflection on the relevance of the process, and secondly, to provide an emergency operational plan for that in a maximum of two to three years this bank is actually operating in the DRC. “So we are right in the implementation of the 15th measures adopted within 28 expensive measures to the President of the Republic, Head of State,” said the boss of Industry Congolese.


    The Senior Adviser to the Head of State for Infrastructure visited roundabout Socimat, on June 30 Boulevard, to reassure the proper functioning during the construction of two reinforced concrete box culverts. This is in order to succeed at all costs two months of the contractual period bet promised by the Congolese Agency for Major Works (ACGT) to the Congolese population. Robert Mukoko is impressed with the quality of the expertise of Engineers ACGT. Building on the day of Tuesday, September 13 to conduct a working visit to get an idea about the level of progress of the work, he is reassured that by September 25 the roadway will be completely free traffic . Accompanied by the CEO of the ACGT, Medard Ilunga Mwamba, it examined the scuppers of construction work carried out by the Chinese company.

    Indeed, Robert Mukoko was released very satisfied site. First, with respect to time, that the work will be completed in a few days and then compared to the quality of work. Performance is reliable, because they are the experts of the ACGT, under the supervision of DG Medard Ilunga Mwamba, who made the calculation of this site. He confessed that the Congolese Agency for Major Works is able to perform great works with an international dimension. He realized clearly that this work will end even before the deadline. To express his satisfaction, he commended the leadership of the President of the Republic paraphrased it: “If you do not believe my word, believe still in my works.” has believed, the works speak for themselves. ” This is a quality book that experts ACGT carries for 100 years. These experts have the merit of being praised by future generations. ”

    The CEO of ACGT, for his part, stressed that his work for the company success. Giving details of the level of progress, he reassured that this project is taking into account all that has been set. This is exactly the delivery time will be respected. It is by virtue of that period, he added, planned for 5 months, the ACGT, with its expertise, has reduced to two months. ” We produced a reinforced concrete box culvert better, good enough and we are satisfied with what we do for the Republic ”.

    It really is a beautiful book that will soon be buried. The average person does not see, because in four days, the scuppers are closed by covering the floor. Thus, to allow the flow of traffic, the ACGT opened a passage so as to help avoid congestion. And extension work continued until September 25, 2016.

    The CEO of ACGT called Kinshasa population to own this book that costs roughly 2.3 million US dollars. ” This is a real important act of the heritage of the city of Kinshasa must be protected at all costs as long as possible, ” he concluded.


    The forces of the Tshangu are angry against Edem Kodjo. These men and women swear by the presence of Mrs. Macherie Batulukisi Nsanga- dialogue. They threaten to reject all resolutions that come out of this forum which has ignored the Tshangu yet considered the most populated district of the capital. In a statement read by Magelan Ntinu, one of them, the forces of the Tshangu ask Macherie Batulukisi to do everything to be the fellow megaphone of the eastern part of the capital in the national dialogue that aims to be inclusive. Furthermore, it should be noted that this is the woman who, through meetings, conferences and meetings, and the door-to-door with a major campaign banners and posters in support, fought to snatch the “yes” of the population of the Tshangu Dialogue. In short, it played a great role in raising awareness of Congolese on dialogue. The Togolese Facilitator, Edem Kodjo, should review its calculations to see how integrating this iron lady in the work of the dialogue. Below is the full statement of the active forces of the Tshangu!


    We Forces Vives of Tshangu, gathered around Batulukisi Nsanga- Macherie, have been sensitized and mobilized for Dialogue. Initially, we were not favorable at this meeting. Macherie Batulukisi has striven to explain the merits of this Forum. She gave us all the guarantees proving that the national and inclusive political dialogue convened by the Head of State His Excellency Joseph Kabila Kabange, is the only way that can allow our beloved country to have a peaceful electoral process and avoid crisis that might ensue. Popular meetings on football fields in meetings and conferences in VIP rooms through several door-to-door activities and a wide campaign with banners and posters in support, Macherie Batulukisi fought for conquer our “yes” to dialogue. Tshangu, deemed hostile to the regime, died. We finally accepted the dialogue under the facilitation of Togolese Edem Kodjo appointed by the African Union.

    We, gardening, garbage collectors, road workers, small traders, vendors of water bag, chayeurs, moms bipupula short, all the humble people whose strengths contribute to the improvement of living standards in the Tshangu, having followed with great interest the work of the preparatory Committee Beatrice Hotel and those of the Dialogue to speak to the City of the African Union, make the following declaration:

    -This Is done without us is against us;

    -No One else can speak better to us than ourselves;

    -Demandons To Macherie Batulukisi, because it makes us accept the Dialogue, to do everything possible to be our megaphone at this meeting otherwise we will not be concerned with all resolutions and recommendations of the Forum and will bear all the consequences;

    -With Our level, very soon, we will file a memorandum to the President of the Commission of the African Union through its representation in Kinshasa to protest against our unrepresentative.



    This structure presided Simaro Ngongo Mbayo just react to the calling and the work of the dialogue to the city of the African Union. Since 5 September the CASE found to have set up a monitoring Bureau of Dialogue Works. All analyzes, the African Commission for the Supervision of Elections asked the Facilitator to democratize the dialogue by allowing the media to cover the public presentations and debates scheduled. It challenges, too, delegates from civil society, the presidential majority and the opposition participating in these meetings. Below the observation of the CASE statement.


    The CASE denounces weakening maneuvers and destination of the electoral process by some delegates to the work of National Inclusive Political Dialogue. The Monitoring Office Dialogue Works (BSTD) established dated September 5, 2016 by the African Commission for the Supervision of Elections (CASE), is able to draw the first lessons on the conduct of the sitting convened for a few days to city of the African Union at Mount Ngaliema to help negotiators to enrich their content and qualitatively improve this forum of all hopes.


    The CASE reminds the international facilitation dialogue that because of the importance attached by all the vital forces of the nation in this conference, it is disappointing that the work on a high political sensitivity of the subject like this electoral process was not broadcast live on Congolese national television. For CASE, the presentation of the Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) on Tuesday, September 6, 2016 was held in camera when it was then the main subject of the Dialogue. The CASE application to the Facilitator of democratic dialogue by allowing the media to cover the public presentations and debates scheduled.


    The CASE singularly concerns all of the Civil Society of the Democratic Republic of Congo as well as the other components in the dialogue (Political Parties, Experts and Personalities) on the need to ensure the behavior, actions and attitudes of the delegates of the National Policy Dialogue inclusive. BOX announces to all its members scattered throughout the national territory and in particular to all the Congolese people in general that it renounces date any intention to participate in the dialogue work in view of the exclusivity indices, lack of transparency in the conduct of work and limited ability to mobilize the people to the ideals of dialogue. Moreover, CASE pointed to some and to others it will not hesitate to denounce any maneuver diabolically contrived by any delegate or group of individuals delegation made in the direction of fiddle, boycott, sabotage or stifle action citizen Forces Vives de la Nation in Dialogue.


    The CASE warns negotiators of civil society, including (the) representative (s) of the Presidential Majority and Opposition Politics and partners against any initiative or black mass to smother otherwise block the electoral process . The CASE reserves the right to fiercely fight any suicidal maneuver that would come from any component and pursue the sole purpose of destabilizing the prospects for strengthening democracy in R. D. Congo.

    Done at Kinshasa, September 7, 2016

    Simaro NGONGO Mbayo



    Edem Kodjo remains optimistic

    This week has been more hectic for the work of dialogue chaired by Edem Kodjo, the facilitator appointed by the African Union. Monday, September 19, 2016, there was a postponement because of clashes occurred after walking Rally. The next day, Tuesday, September 20, in Kinshasa on, quoiqu’ouverte the meeting was suspended for 48 hours in honor of the son and daughters of the country fell into clashes between protesters and security forces. Meanwhile, it’s cascading departures that have been registered. In particular, that of the Catholic Church, followed by a whole audience of civil society organizations. Friday, September 23, day of the resumption of this meeting, the Opposition has been conspicuous by its absence. Why ? Well, for various reasons, she momentarily suspended its participation. With the continuing disagreements within the electoral calendar and the absence of Rally whose pressure made outside continues to grow, the facilitator Edem Kodjo would, in the eyes of many observers, in turmoil .

    Last Friday, tireless, the former Togolese Prime first circulated the draft final political settlement to the participants of the plenary held, befitting to say, without a single delegate of the Opposition component. Kamerhe present in the room, was that as Co-moderator for form needs to follow protocol. The Opposition stands his ground on the draft agreement. ” No signature without specific dates for the elections ”, that’s the key word of the delegates of this component are joined by several tenors of civil society. The Presidential Majority and the National Independent Electoral Commission forms a block that supports the electoral calendar must be built after the dialogue probably at the end of the operation of the revision of the electoral. Corneille Nangaa has not made his presentation as provided for facilitation. The president of the CENI should be in the North Ubangi province where the pilot test the enrollment process was launched in July 31, 2016.

    Kodjo remains optimistic

    He said Friday the postponement to a later date, the closing plenary sensible work of political dialogue. On the podium, Edem Kodjo said that contacts and discussions between stakeholders is needed to afford to have a text ready for signature by all participants. “Consultations continue, I am sure they do not last too long so that we have a consensus document on which we will not have to affix our signatures,” said he released to the press. “This is why I am able to give groups the text of the agreement on which consultations can be done in all respects,” said Edem Kodjo before promising recovery, rather possible, discussions to conclude the forum. Who, really, was extended due to various hazards.


    Union of Democrats for the Renaissance of Congo


    Press Conference of the President of Udrc

    Ladies and Gentlemen of the Press,

    It is from August 15, 2016 we announced to you and our whole nation will come together in this new political grouping called the “Union of Democrats for the Congo Renaissance” in Udrc acronym.

    After many sacrifices of our co founders party activists for obtaining administrative documents in accordance with the Laws of the Republic, we engaged with them to find this Permanence for organize our political activities daily.

    The little below already launched projects which are as follows:

    Erecting a large hangar for routine political mornings every Friday;
    Providing our political militants training academy in accordance with the statutes of the party;
    Establish offices for proper administration that reflects the greatness of our political party;
    Finally, invite the press that you and several national and foreign personalities to commemorate the official release which, however, was already scheduled for the end of this month.

    Alas! Suffering that we announce that all these efforts have just been sabotaged on 19 and 20 September 2016, with the wind of peaceful demonstration and said that spawned several dozen casualties among our compatriots; and among whom there were minor children coldly slaughtered or burned alive.

    Before continuing, and respect for all the victims who died, we may be permitted to observe a minute of silence together.

    We are standing ….

    We extend our condolences to all the bereaved families.

    Ladies and gentlemen of the press;

    Our party (the Udrc) which started its operation in pain, was the first to suffer the looting of several goods dated Monday, September 19 in the morning.

    And as if that was not enough, on the night of September 19 to 20 current, the other destructive tasteless came to the fire that had already ransacked the day. Damage to the naked eye demonstrate that there has been use of grenades and other very dangerous explosives.

    Here’s how those outside the law have called us back to the box. With your camera, you may well find this damage.

    Thus we recall here that the right to protest is one of the fundamental rights guaranteed both by international legal instruments ratified by our country, by the Basic Laws, it is inadmissible to indulge in such violence behind market.

    It is also an opportunity for us to remind the Forces of the Order of the Republic they are required to duty of neutrality. Nobody has the right to exploit them for criminal purposes.

    The nation has already lost several million compatriots in the eastern part of the Republic in multiple civil wars and aggression that have not unfortunately solved the problem of social people.

    Today it is particularly Beni our compatriots and residents of neighboring countries that continue to pay the price with dozens of deaths and attacks every week; hundreds of orphans are abandoned to their fate; thousands of displaced homeless and millions of young people deprived of their right to solidarity.

    In the Commission “Security” dialogue, when the Civil Society described the massacres of Beni, nobody has been able to contain his tears.

    If in the east there is the problem of growing insecurity, it should be stressed that all the Republic is now facing another political crisis on the non respect of the texts, and which should be call “the problem of political mandates that violate the Constitution.” Here there is much to say, everything started maintaining provincial assemblies outside the mandate, the ghost Senate, irregular Governors and unelected territorial frameworks.

    Although the second term of the current President draws to a close, as everyone admits (including us who doubt yesterday under the imperium concepts), it is a serious problem within the organization of the poll for find a successor to the polls, not weapons.

    That is why Udrc agreed to go solve this critical issue in the inclusive political dialogue whose work will soon be closed under the international facilitation.

    Given all the above, and considering the 56 years of multifaceted suffering of the Congolese people, the Udrc emphasizes the following:

    It encourages really peaceful public demonstrations;
    It condemns, in person, the massacres of peaceful Kinshasa and destruction of property of others;
    It notes with bitterness that Kinshasa just experienced one sequence of what happens in Beni.
    Thus, Udrc invites everyone to respect the Constitution and all laws of the Republic.

    Long live the peaceful alternation,

    Long live the Democratic Republic of Congo

    Thank you

    For Udrc

    Bruno Mavungu Puati

    National President


    the New Initiative for Congo, centrist platform of the Opposition

    The Convention for the Renaissance of Congo -CRC- chaired Hyacinthe Shisso Nkongolo just joined New Initiative political platform for Congo -NIC- dear to Senator Mokonda Florentin Bonza. One of the political parties with a real anchor throughout the national territory, the CRC promises to be very active. The official accession ceremony took place Thursday, Sept. 22, 2016, in the town of Ngaliema neighborhood My country, specifically in the headquarters of the NIC. Absent from the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Shisso Nkongolo was represented by Michel Pombia, secretary general of the CRC.

    Inspiring ideas and melting pot of talents, the CRC promises to shine as she is accustomed, moreover, by the excellence in the engaged struggle, now, alongside the political forces united in NIC. ” There is no need to know that the Convention for the Renaissance of Congo, CRC acronym, is a political force of the Congolese Opposition whose socio political anchor is well established, for fielding 600 candidates MPPs the electoral process interrupted in 2015. This was the fifth political force it to the Top 10 of major political parties in the DRC and the first potential political force of the Congolese Opposition from static CENI ” trusted, there is little, a part of the Convention for the Renaissance of Congo in a statement received in writing to shed full light on its political weight. Last Thursday, at 15 o’clock, time to Kinshasa, the party signed the charter of the New Initiative for Congo, a centrist platform of the Opposition. Moved by the patriotic desire to change the country’s destiny and build a new alternative force of the Opposition, Shisso Nkongolo and his cronies of the Convention for the Congo Renaissance work tirelessly for the good of the Congo and Congolese, ensured a tenor this training bloodhounds purposes. And, according to Shisso Nkongolo, the CRC aims to ” a viable alternative for the management of the DRC so that the country draws embark resolutely on the path of respect, seamless, of democratic change principle and institutions legally established ”. It’s known for years that the Convention for the Renaissance of Congo is very active on the Congolese political scene, taking positions against trenches across all Congolese political life.

    CRC deal with current issues

    To unlock the political and electoral crisis lies in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Convention for the Renaissance of Congo favors the path of dialogue for the solution to be achieved completely peacefully. To do this, Hyacinthe Shisso Nkongolo and CRC ask a real inclusive dialogue as the foundation of the African Union, though not abject still a problem about that. This is because several major political forces have not been shipped. And for Shisso Nkongolo, the sooner the better. With regret, the events of Monday, 19 and Tuesday, 20 September 2016 were followed. Of heart with the bereaved families Hyacinthe Shisso Nkongolo and his party have been quick to react. The spirits must be appeased, the Congo – Kinshasa needs peace. calming measures are for the CRC requirements. Delegates dialogue are seized with fervor. And with a heavy heart, to date, the Convention for the Renaissance of Congo extends its condolences to families of civilian or military family were broke.



    He did not remain voiceless face the sad events that have shaken the city-province of Kinshasa on 19 and 20 September 2016, on the sidelines of the protests of the opposition to demand the holding of elections within the constitutional deadline. Thirty dead according to the authorities of the country, fifty from the Opposition, as well as considerable material damage. All this deserves compensation. Clement Kanku Bukasa, National MP, elected from the constituency Dibaya, Kasai Central, and President of the Movement for Renewal (MR) is seeking an impartial investigation. Like the Catholic prelates, Clement Kanku said that human life is sacred and deserves respect. He made the remarks on Wednesday, September 21, in a statement signed by the Secretary General of the Party and Prosperity proposes to publish in its entirety.

    Movement for Renewal


    The Movement for Renewal, MR acronym followed with much regret the unfortunate events that occurred during the peaceful march of the opposition of 19 September 2016. It deplores the loss of life and property damage.

    Thus, the MR sends its condolences to all the bereaved families and calls for an impartial investigation be conducted to establish responsibility.

    Done at Kinshasa, September 21, 2016

    Valentin Kabengele

    General secretary

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