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    For the people of Walikale mining lung of the province of North Kivu, Marie Claire Bangwene Mwavita deserves more support and assistance to its citizens and those of its hierarchical chiefs to properly accomplish its mission proves beneficial to that entity administrative implementation dependent long forgotten, but that was just totally opened up following the wisdom and bravery of the Honourable Doctor Julien Paluku Kahongya best super locomotive of North Kivu.


    The governor of North Kivu province, the Honourable Dr. Julien Paluku Kahongya was in Walikale  and the agenda was been dominated by three large ceremonies, first in the General Hospital Walikale reference where he paid the entire bill of all patients unable to pay with cash this health institution. The hospital within 24 hours last received an allocation of an X-ray machine, and a morgue and a large batch of drugs, the Medical Director warmly thanked the Governor of North Kivu because .

    speaking on behalf of the Honourable Dr. Julien Paluku Kahongya, Marie Shematsi Baeni told the people of this area of Walikale territory, currently chief town of the province of North Kivu, the province will also make its contribution to the objective of the outcome of this hospital.


    Dr Martial KAMBUMBU KAYENGAIn the presence of Dr Martial KAMBUMBU KAYENGA provincial Minister of Health and Social Affairs, also completed the laying of the foundation stone of a health center; something that delighted the population against this because this health facility funded by the Social Fund of the Republic (FSR) contributed 10% of the budget term beneficiaries will relieve the suffering of the beneficiaries.


    Wana danse nini lisusu


    I will wait for you this weekend at the dance hall of African suresnes this Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 August 2016.
    With this Saturday artist ladis arcade revelation of the congolese music. A great show not to be missed at the dance hall of African Sureness, the only place where the living together really exists with all the joy and happiness to the African.
    Free entry. Free Parking.
    From 16 pm to 24 pm. African atmosphere.


    Emergency, kabila declare war on the people from Uganda, consequence: fighters already announce the wrath of September-November since the issue
    Congratulations to our daughters and sons you can defend and support tshisekedi until the end. Here’s what will follow:
    Freedom is a choice between two slavery:
    The ‘ selfishness and consciousness. The one who chooses the conscience is a free man.

    ” I just wanted to reassure you that :* I don’t cry with you, because you are cowards! National Mourning… yes you grieving because you are unable to ensure the safety of my compatriots. How can we understand that a rebellion ugandaise creates desolation on our territory in the uniform of our armed forces?


    I just wanted to reassure you that: * I do not cry with you, because you are cowards National Mourning … yes you bereaved because you are unable to assure my countrymen safety!. How can we understand that a Ugandan Rebellion creates desolation on our territory in the uniform of our military?
    -All What you know to do is secure you even with your family and your property.
    -You Do not ashamed to ask the international community have accused you of interfering in your internal problems entant sovereign country, yes, and security is not an issue of sovereignty?
    -Shame on you ! corrupt, incompetent leaders.
    I would not mourn with you, I decided to do something other than mourning.
    -Your Specialised Services are only there to hunt down peaceful citizens instead of making a republican and patriotic work … FANATICAL!
    Long live the PRGF
    Long live the Democratic Republic of Congo today and forever


    The famous folk group Songye resurfaced Matonge. All Grand BASOKIN is announced every Sunday at the Red Gate area, in the Matonge, Kinshasa. The news was confirmed by himself, MI-AMOR, the griot Songye folklore, during an interview with the newspaper La Prosperity.

    The MI-AMOR musician informs fanatics as well as girls and son Songye Kinshasa that BASOKIN group has just removed his program every Sunday at Place Lomani, headquartered in Avenue du Stade, No. 34 Matonge. The atmosphere of the Sunday appointment is transferred to the Red Gate, the SAIDI Avenue, still in district Matonge, in the commune of Kalamu.

    What is clear, the red door is not an unfamiliar place for true fans of the group. History informs that this place had housed one time the headquarters of BASOKIN to the years 2003 through 2006. For true music lovers, this is just a homecoming in a setting where the group had its pulse and beautiful epic in the musical arena in Kinshasa. The black Pharaoh invites all fans to this great appointment Sunday allowing to present and explore the Songye culture in its entirety.

    Beyond the stage, MI-AMOR is preparing to launch a new album entitled “” NTOSHI YA DADDY “, which in French means” the blessing of the father. ” Through this recital, black Pharaoh will inform the world of the villages in his native country. This land through which the Pope of Rome was awarded the degree of blessing for the moral value, intrinsic and educational in BASONGYES.

    His real name Hubert MPUTU EBONDO, MI-AMOR is a vocalist and formidable songwriter, who managed to print its aura in the traditional music of his tribe. In Kinshasa, as in the world, when it comes to music Songye, mostly music lovers refer to songs MI-AMOR. Especially his compositions contain messages and profound teachings that relate to the history and traditional values of the Songye Culture.


    Whereas the past weekend, the album “Retirada” the singer Héritier Watanabe is not out on the record market in Kinshasa. According to our sleuths, the launch of this work was postponed to a later date. The reason is simple. His Ivorian producer considers it inappropriate that the first record is Watanabe dropped in this period, where the Congolese music lovers are very connected to the political dialogue in the country. Very experienced, he believes it will take much study time that will be favorable to make available fanatics this musical work. ” Although the artist is apolitical, we must understand the ground realities. Although Heir is eagerly awaited by the public, ” said a member of staff producer.

    For now, the beloved former child Werrason is in Paris where he is continuing discussions with the production company that will look after the distribution of “Retirada”.

    Until the release of his disc, the former lieutenant Wenge Mother House is still looking through his single “BM”, which is popular in Kinshasa.

    Little by little, the bird builds its nest, they say. Slowly but surely, Heir Watanabe made his merry way despite some initial difficulties. It remains determined to confirm solo career.

    Very sure of himself, the artist who proclaimed himself “Moto na Tembe” placed its only hope on his first solo album. Far from being a pamphlet as some may think, “Retirada” is a work that restores the artistic life of its author, after 17 years of loyal service and beautiful in Wenge MM.

    The singer is working hard to win and win a place on the music scene. As he has always said: ” I’m really hired me to stand on my own feet and cope with the many stresses of life. ” His ultimate concern is to do better to provide more in the music world and, therefore, make available to the public, a consumable product. ” It’s been exactly 17 years since I moved within the group Mother House. However, as an African, finding myself in a particular sociological environment, it is quite normal and easy a child, having reached maturity, can leave the parental roof to evolve solo live independence, to better apply the concepts learned in the parents … ” said Watanabe Heir

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