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    It was a better opportunity offered to future stylists and designers of the Democratic Republic of Congo to showcase their talents and creations to the public, fashion lovers.

    Saturday, June 25, at La Pina, ISETAM’s students are mounted slot to exhibit their work at the initiative of Mrs. Lydie OKOSA, who is also assistant and head of public relations in this institution of higher learning . This initiative is to initiate and encourage students to entrepreneurship and also to present to visitors the creations made by the students. The ideal is to promote talents of students who are considered products of ISETAM. The works are the reflection or the result of the training and knowledge learned in ISETAM.

    A total of 150 students accompanied by their friends and acquaintances participated in this day dedicated to the exhibition and sales of fashion accessories specially made by the finalists in modeling and pre-finalists styling of this school of the Capital. Also, they took the opportunity to present some collections of ready-to-wear clothing to visitors. A friendly atmosphere characterized the activity supported by the presence of some members of the management committee and the academic staff of the Institute.

    This day is the first but not the last, said Lydia OKOSA which is firmly committed to organize, every year, these types of events in order to improve the image of the Institute. ” We’re going to replicate such meetings in the coming days. the public must know and discover the level and quality of students that ISETAM launches every year on the job market or in the entrepreneurship field in the DRC. Especially since they essentially is to promote our products that are students ”, added the Manager of Public Relations of the ISETAM.

    However, she, on behalf of all officials ISETAM, expressed his gratitude to Ms. Lapina, Head beautiful setting that disponibilisé unconditionally its space as a support for the promotion and enhancement of talent young.

    Recall that Ms. Lydia OKOSA is fashion designer and creator of the clothing brand “LOK Style” in Kinshasa. Through this brand, it helps in guiding young Congolese and invests in training.



    Institutional communication of enterprises, public institutions and services in the DRC “, that is, the title of this album. It was focused on the baptismal font on Friday 8 June in the grounds of the Royal Hotel, under the patronage of his Excellency the Minister of the portfolio, Louise Munga Mesozi. It is done. The communicologue and financial economist by training, Franck Elias Mukanya Lusanga book-lovers of literature the fruit of his labor. Before several VIPs, the presentation of this book was made by prof. Jean Kambayi Bwatshia. This is a literary very rich and inspired by the new challenges and new practices of corporate communication.

    This book was prefaced by Louise Munga, the Congolese minister portfolio. The work has the merit of having fulfilled all the scientific rules of use in the field, according to some experts present. Book of 360 pages, having had baptism in the series “African Studies”, Editions L’Harmattan in Paris, and has benefited from post-preface Professor Dominique Mweze, he warned, all his scientific and social substance for millions of generations to come, as attested crossed several testimonies readings by some VIPs present at the full presentation.

    For prof. Mweze is a book inspired by new issues and new business communication practices. Provided that any organization has efficiency targets, many works on communication in this horizon not just aim to understand the current process, but above all to boost performance. It must be said, the communication remains a privileged means of exchange for all companies, public institutions and services in the DRC. Whether horizontal or vertical, it must meet a number of criteria to comply with the relevant performance issue. For the author of this book, because of the complexity facing all phenomena of communication and the recommended range of descriptive approaches oriented performance, several questions have caught his attention: the identity of the issuer and the nature of their strategies; the conscious or unconscious behavior of their engines; their reports to the media; the strengths and constraints of internal and external environment.

    A close, for a serious company, institution or public service in the DRC, it is not enough just to communicate, but understand full well, by reading this book, what is “the armada of models and grids analysis is deployed to specifically identify the determinants of the place and role of corporate communication “within their respective services. This book is a proposed trip, in a singular context in various respects, a sweet tense opportunity for professionals and non-professionals to further penetrate a field of knowledge increasingly at the heart of investigation. The desired efficiency and performance to be achieved for each utility or business, through the bridge of institutional communication which we recognize a place and a decisive role. This book signed Franck Elias Mukanya-Lusanga, identifies the problems of institutional communication within companies and public services on the ground floor, and offers guidelines to follow and respect is for the Congo of tomorrow companies and institutions or services public whose performance is boosted with a view to their effectiveness. Then they will deal with competitiveness.



    Faced with the sleuths of Prosperity, the slam poet-humorist Congolese took stock of his last show. Held at two sites, specifically, at the Halle de la Gombe Boboto then the Cultural Center, the artist claims to have won his bet. A third presentation was to take place at the Kempinski Hotel River Congo but alas! It was postponed. However, its balance sheet largely positive finding, the artist warmly thanked those who made this show a reality. Namely, God, the audience, the audience of artists came to accompany him, but also his entire team, partners who believed in his genius, Eale Group, pictograms, and CMCT Black box, the team Beyshoo, the French Institute of Kinshasa, etc. The balance sheet is largely positive but I, like never satisfied, I think we can do better … the best is yet to come ”, says Yekima Bel art. Find below the interview in full:

    What is your assessment of two performances of one man slam?

    Yekima Bel Art: We presented the first new show The one man slam at the Halle de la Gombe, Kinshasa in partnership with the French Institute and the Entertainment Negro’s soul. And, it’s even gone beyond our expectations. A huge crowd, personalities in the fray, public enthusiastic and interactive … but happiness. The evening of May 6, 2016 was a great joy to share evening. This is the best performance of my life. I did along with five wonderful artists who have accompanied me in music. Under a huge rain, Halle was not that black sky, but people too. I can not thank enough the public who greatly influenced us from first to last text Slame. I heard a comment saying how there was love in their voices and a deep aftertaste come back to it in the crowd.

    The public was also tie in the choice between the texts of the parts of the show. Like lovers From Soldier Slam, Single, I’m sick, some were most found in this song of hope HERE or in Humans I tech. Others, cons, reviewed scroll My childhood in the suburbs or When I was little either, Children of the Cinematheque. The lovers of the saps were delighted in the song dedicated sapper special tribute to PAPA WEMBA. It was an unusual meeting between slam and undermines.

    We have shown, for the second time, the same show at the Cultural Center BOBOTO with a new touch of very singular innovation. 1:20 All of the show were actually borne by the public to have tears in his eyes. Behind this large project there are thinkers such team Beyshoo and many others, there are geniuses who want to push the limits despite constraints or technical, logistical or financial.

    The balance sheet is therefore largely positive, but I like never satisfied, I think we can do better in future meetings with those who like what I do and look forward. Thank God, because many partners believed in us, especially Eale Group, pictograms, and CMCT Black box, we have achieved this but the best is yet to come.

    Do you have other projects in mind?

    Yekima: As an Artist, I can evolve without the project (s), may I not speak yet, no, I expect the official launch, it is my own label Negro’s the soul Entertainment which produced the event the one man slam with partners. This label carries a lot of projects that promote or flake such as extension of SLAM with activities related thereto. Aside from that, as announced for some time, the album comes Slam. Remember, it was first recorded in his studio Sabab largely to the TRNC in the most professional conditions such album from any renowned musician of our country under the leadership of engineer Doris Beya the realization of the Maestro Maika Munan. The most important contribution was that of the guitar virtuoso Olivier Tshimanga on almost all securities, other artists also without neglecting the basic what the Negro’s soul my team. Other recordings continue elsewhere in more urban studios. Its release is imminent, we will launch soon for its promotional phase of the first single is “I want you to Kinshasa,” a music totally concocted with sounds made Kin atmosphere based. The video directed by two geniuses of the image, the maestro Ronnie Kabuika and filmmaker and the director of the Film Festival in Kinshasa Tshoper Kabambi, will also be launched shortly. So it’s rather a recording project that I speak and God willing, nothing can stop it. They say Inshallah!

    Can you tell us about ” I have my artist pocket ”?

    Yekima: I have always worked in order to be at the right Unlike other artists, not be better than them but feel in my particular item. The peculiarity me and insists “I have my pocket Artist” is just one of the highlights. I had this idea to catalog when it was necessary that every time I started to say to someone who either does not know me enough, nor my work, which also presents me to be more precise, that I do this, I have already worked with such, participated in this, that it is sometimes boring. So I summarized in the form of balance of a year, a year in which the course was not without grace of my Lord, 2015, all that I have undertaken and as shown and discussed. I organize competitions in partnership with the French Institute of Kinshasa, my participation in the third edition of TOSEKA, the biggest festival of laughter in Kinshasa as Slameur-comedian, my onstage collaboration with Papa Wemba in his immortal show “Master Passion” at Hotel Sultani, my tribute to slam the father of modern oral Franco Luambo invitation 1 Minister memories as my meeting with Slameur French Grand Corps Malade in February 2013, etc. Add to that beautiful poetry strands extracted and announcements, thanks and contacts. This brochure have is to have all of me, as she easily fits any pocket, so it’s giving me pocket and everywhere, know almost everything about me. This is a mini pocket magazine simply original and beautiful. I hope that like most things I do, that too it will give ideas to other artists of my discipline or other disciplines and even beyond, to artists.

    What are your favorite poems in this book that bous can recommend to readers?

    Yekima: There is in “I have my pocket Artist” just extracts to put water in the mouths of those who would provide. As I mentioned in Kinshasa, there is a beautiful excerpt from my slam on my city, I have no preference singular, it is no already not a collection of poems, not yet, but d a catalog with the bonus on nearly every page of little beauties lyricales sporadically dotted along the illustrations and it is short but eloquent on my pen.

    Where can I find my artist pocket and at what price?

    Yekima: In short, it is dry stock side but you via the contact data, everything is possible. It sold for $ 5.

    Can we have some brief excerpts?

    Yekima “Malewa is the expression by which we denotes our gargotes I do not advise you too to make a turn, but not delicious health guarantee You are likely to pay and the hospital and unfortunately.. Note Well, after all, you got a choice between two, not all are poorly kept like my mother “from” I want you to Kinshasa “Yekima Soldier slam.

    Thank you once again for stopping by, come back to us whenever you have a chance because thanks to you and your collaboration slam is seen to be popularized and promoted. Thank you for the interest, God bless you and your business thrive in all respects. I Yekima De Bel Art who wants can contact me on Youtube, Facebook, Soundcloud, the number +243896890671 for whatsapp.


    United Nations food and Agriculture (FAO)
    The Congo DRC alone can feed the whole of Africa, the United States, Europe, and a few other countries.
    ” here, as we know, we have 80 million hectares we can cultivate but we cultivate that 10 %. and if we could cultivate these 80 million hectares, we could power 2 Billions of people.







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