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    Not having been satisfied with the decision of his suspension, LOBESO Mpota says “Tiger”, decided to take off, informs a source close to the orchestra dear to the King of the Forest, Werrason.

    At the time of going to press, the shock animator of Wenge Mother House is staying in Mbandaka, capital of the province of Ecuador, where it originates. “LOBESO did not endure the punishment, which she describes as high treason if not jealousy between the musicians within the group,” revealed our source.

    This reaction did not leave indifferent his colleague, the singer TADET who quickly reacted last Sunday on the antennas of the RTNC. For the disciplinary officer of the group, the suspension of LOBESO has already been lifted for two weeks by the high hierarchy of Wenge MM. ” We do not understand why until now, our colleague does not always want to resume his job. While our boss, who is the King of the forest, has seen fit to forgive him, granting him a measure of grace. But, LOBESO is still camping on his position … Judge it yourself, ‘said TADET of Mound. Recall that it was from Europe that Werrason had ordered the suspension of its incumbent animator Lobeso, and of the guitarist “Maï-Ndombe”.

    Respectively for one and six months, this penalty fell following the slippages and the unworthy remarks made by them on the social networks, said the Direction of the orchestra through its secretary Monib Production.

    Unleashed, the animator Lobeso “Tiger” affirms to be the target of a conspiracy, better of a campaign of destabilization orchestrated by its detractors which, moreover, are well identified.

    As for him, he says he did not receive a letter along the lines of this sentence. “I was surprised to learn it on the set of a television station in the square,” he said.

    In any case, the author of the cry “Kata Fumbwa” did not wait for the return of his boss in Kinshasa with a view to introducing his appeal. That’s why his career remains unanswered while the fans of Wenge MM were already waiting for him to move again in the album “7 days of the week” of Werrason.


    Since November, musician-artist HERITIER WATANABE, known as MOTO na TEMBE, has launched his new album “RETIRADA” on the African record market. Curiously, this musical aubade passed by the plate because it has not, hitherto hooked, music lovers of good music, in Kinshasa where one does not easily accept anything and any matter Which in the musical sector. No song of this opus is known to the general public!

    Despite all the noise made by the young singer after his departure from Wenge MM, nothing reassures the public with regard to the continuation of his career. He who believed to take is caught in the vice by other albums, including “Poison -Antidote” Fabregas or “Number 9” Robinio Mundibu, his former colleagues.

    HERITIER WATA remains very determined to convince then that his disc continues to wade on the field. Remember his remarks the day after his resignation from the band Wenge MM: “I will do the music differently but in my own way”. We have the right to dream. My dreams have a particular format. You can not prevent a human being from dreaming. I dream higher because I am grateful to my father, from whom I have learned a great deal. Werra showed me the job. I lived in his house for more than 5 years and so I learned a lot, “he said.

    33 years old, WATANABE leads a new adventure that he calls himself “career of honor”, which unfortunately suffers from a glaring lack of promotion through the media.


    The Ivorian actress, producer and producer Marie-Louise Asseu succumbed to a stroke that forced her into hospital a few days earlier. The sad news has shaken not only the Ivorian national opinion but also the whole of Africa and especially the world of culture.

    Akissi Delta, actress and director of the hit series “My family”, inconsolable, even got sick, as reported by our colleagues of the Ivorian press.

    “It’s a blow for us … I cried so much that I’m sick. When I get too bad, I bite my asthma attack. I do not know where to head. God, what a pain! “

    The pain was all the greater as Marie-Louise Asseu was one of the leading roles in My Big Family, the sequel to the hit series My Family, which began shooting in August.

    “She had a great part to play in the series. Now that she’s deceased, I’m totally wiped out, “said Delta.

    After a presence for more than 20 years on stage and screens, Marie-Louise Asseu leaves a big void in the hearts of millions of fans, but also and especially in the Ivorian cinema.


    The funeral of the Honorable Charles Mwando Nsimba began on Thursday, December 15, 2016, in his residence, located at avenue Yandonge n ° 14 in the Binza-Pigeon Quarter. Charles Mwando Nsimba was the National President of the National Union of Federal Democrats (Unadef) on 12 December 2016 in Brussels (Belgium), following a long illness, and the current President of the Regroupement des 7 Parties called the “G7”. As announced in the media, the dead body of the illustrious disappeared is expected in Kinshasa on Thursday, December 22, 2016. Before the repatriation of the Corps in Kinshasa, capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, the program provides that Wednesday, December 21 2016, the organization of a mass of votes at 1 pm local time at the Parish of Saint Jean and Etienne of Brussels. This mass will be broadcast live in his residence.


    The boss of the Wenge BCBG Orchestra was the main guest of a musical chronicle show hosted by 33 Tshitenge on RTGA last week. During this exchange, ” Papa Chérie ” alias ” Moto pamba ” seized the opportunity to ask the public authorities to tackle the piracy of their works. This plague would be at the base of their descent into hell. He also paid tribute to Papa Wemba who was an idol for him and contributed greatly to his career as an artist.

    “We Congolese artists are abandoned to our own sad fate”, was the cry of alarm of this great artist of the 4th generation of Congolese music, answering the questions of 33 Tshitenge, music columnist on television RTGA. He recognized the reversal of Congolese music in the region and elsewhere. But, the boss of BCBG, justifies this free fall of the only authorized drug, music, to the piracy of their works. “Jazzy, an American musician had put a large sum of money, for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. You know why ? Because in the USA, the rights of the artists are well coordinated and they are not victims of piracy, “he hammered. In his speech he drew inspiration from the Nigerian experience to stimulate the supervisory authority to take a favorable view of their situation. “Nigerian artists had the chance to have a minister of culture. Which had forbidden to hack their works, “he said. He added: “One day we had a concert in Burkina Faso with a Nigerian artist named Phela, peace to his soul! This musician traveled with his own planes. All this because his country has good legislation on piracy and copyright, “he said. In addition, he also spoke on measures to restrict their performance in Europe. This measure forbidding Congolese musicians to play in Europe is unfair to him. According to JB Mpiana, the artist sells only his mark, he has no color. “I’m like a seller of bread. The sellers sell to everyone, he can not forbid a member of the Majority or the Opposition to buy his product, “he explained. Previously, JB Mpiana had paid tribute to the King of the Congolese Rumba in the person of Papa Wemba who had died on April 24th. “I said aloud in my lifetime that Papa Wemba was my idol, although we were doing the rain and the good weather, inside and outside the country,” he reassured. In addition, JB Mpiana promises to communicate the next few days with his fans at least once a month.


    It is a library that burns in the musical chronicle in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The irremovable KALONJI NGOYI, designer of the program “Karibu Variété” to Congolese national radio and television, has bowed out. This man with great ideas goes away with his spirit and all his unheard-of sense of propelling stars.

    Sunday, December 11, 2016, Old KALO for the partners and colleagues, could not resist facing the rendezvous of destiny. He died in Kinshasa, after a long and painful illness, after rendering loyal services to the national chain, the RTNC.

    According to the funeral program, the mortal remains of the illustrious disappeared will be exhibited this Friday, December 23, 2016, within the precincts of the RTNC and the burial will take place on Saturday December 24, at the Necropolis of N’sele.

    The RTNC management committee and all the staff, its biological family and friends and acquaintances are preparing to pay tribute to KALONJI NGOYI, who sacrificed all his youth for the promotion of talents and artistic creations in the DRC .

    Sexagenarian, KALONJI NGOYI vehemently accomplished his mission in the media world where he marked with an indelible imprint his rich and monumental passage.

    Passionate about TV, he will always remain alive through the show “Karibu variety” of which he was the master designer. With the aim of bringing back the musical information of the week, “Karibu variety” is the first televised music program in the DRC.

    KALONJI NGOYI was a follower of perfection. His adulated show values ​​both their content (informative / distractive) as well as figures (musicians, chroniclers, characters of the musical microcosm).

    Every artist musician dreams to pass on the plateau of “Karibu Variety”, which has become practically a Sunday rendezvous impossible to circumvent.

    Compliments and encouragement come from everywhere in his favor from both the hierarchy, his musical artist partners and the general public.

    Recall that this program was called before “Chronique musicale”, in the years 68-69. She became “The Guest of Sunday” in 1972; “Karibu Variety” presented by Manda Tchebwa for 15 years. Like its creator, Karibu variety is a legendary program of the musical chronicle of the RTNC having experienced high-level presenters. It was successively hosted by LUKEZO LUANSI, FWASA TOMBISA, ILUNGA MWANA BUTE, Zacharie BABABASWE and Dieudonné YANGUMBA. Mamie ILELA is her current star presenter.

    Mi-entertainment, semi-informational, “Karibu Variety” that will bear forever its signature, makes KALO an immortal in the history of the musical chronicle.

    May the land of the ancestors be sweet and light!


    Death again struck at the door of the National Radio Television Congolaise, RTNC. This time, it was a great presenter who went away.

    This is the very famous Suzanne Lumana who died a few days ago from an illness. This great lady, professional, had to cover several activities in Kinshasa and elsewhere. This is a great loss not only for the Congolese National Radio Television, but also for the whole corporation of the press that will no longer count on this great feminine intelligence. Several politicians regret this loss. This is the case of Francine Muyumba, President of the Pan-African Union of Youth who had just words to pay tribute to Suzanne Lumana. On her Facebook page the President of the UPJ published a photograph taken with this journalist lady while slipping a few words of regret as if to say that it is the way of everyone and nobody can escape.

    According to the information in our possession, the RTNC will be able to organize the funeral of Suzanne Lumana after those of Kolonji Ngoyi Kumbi Kumbi, who is the designer of the Musical Chronicle Emission, Sunday Guest and now Karibu Variety whose body This Friday and will be exhibited at the RTNC esplanade.


    In spite of the odds, the President of the New Generation for the Emergence of the Congo, NOGEC, Constant Mutamba Tungunga said that he would not remain “arms crossed” as long as the DR. Congo has not yet acceded to a transfer of power in a peaceful and democratic way. The activist of this citizen movement was arrested on Tuesday, December 20th at the commune of Ngiri-Ngiri at the moment when he and the militants of his regroupment were in full sit-in pacific in the margin of their operation “Sifflet”, decreed Recently to notify the Head of State of the end of his second and last term in accordance with the Constitution of the Republic.

    As announced in their various statements, the New Generation for the Emergence of Congo as well as other citizen movements of R & D. Congo, had probably, on the night of 19 December, initiated peaceful demonstrations throughout the Res publica in the straight line of the expiry of the constitutional deadline of President Joseph Kabila. It is in this perspective that Constant Mutamba reports that he was arrested around 5 o’clock by law enforcement officers as he was walking drumming drums with several pro-democracy activists. He was taken to an unknown destination, according to Tony Mongo, president of the EKOKI DRC movement, on Radio Okapi. Moreover, his relatives, with several activists of the citizen movements, had traveled through several structures of detention, in his search, but without favor. This Thursday, December 22, two days of embarrassment for his family, than this propagandist of true democracy in R & D. Congo was released after being beaten energetically.

    Although Wounded, malformed, therefore, in very disconcerting state, NOGEC and Cie thank the Almighty God that their combatant is thus alive. However, they criticize the ill-treatment of law enforcement officials who, according to one of the activists, should protect the population, not beat it, since it has the constitutional right to protest.

    Notwithstanding all that he has suffered as massacres and pains, Constant Mutamba, in pro-democratic quality, indicates that he would fight, as far as possible, so that the Congolese people can realize one of their dreams warmly desired . That of the immeasurable respect of the Constitution. This would allow them, at the same time, to alternate at the level of the Institution “President of the Republic”.

    It should be noted that he is currently in the process of taking proper care enabling him to quickly regain all his physical and moral strength.


    The Federation of Agricultural Cooperatives in Congo (FECCO), a platform of more than 17 peasant structures in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), has invited all peasants in the country, regardless of their activity, For the emergence of agriculture, which has been a priority for several years.

    FECCO, through its national president, Mpati Fils, spoke last weekend in the national office of the platform in Kinkole, east of the city-province of Kinshasa.

    His statement has just been broadcast on Radio Tomisa, a community radio station in the diocese of Kikwit in the newspaper spoken on Monday, December 19, 2016 at 7 pm.

    “Unity is strength. When we are united, the actions of development take place without shame. The division does not build. The DRC has hectares and hectares of arable land that are capable of cultivating very good agriculture and making it emerge to fight against food insecurity. Development must start from the head, from the mind, “he said, advocating serenity and independence of mind.

    According to him, intestines fighting by some of the compatriots towards the actors of the development must be relegated to the last plan, or to be banned forever.

    “Let us go further. That political meanders do not splashed us. The political situation will certainly improve. One must be optimistic. No panic or fear. Let us not forget that it is thanks to agriculture that several peasant families educate their children, provide family food etc. “, he added.

    Created in 1999 in Kinshasa, FECCO has six major objectives: – the production, collection and resale of agropastoral products; – crop improvement and agrarian conditions; – Make the storage of products, the negotiation of a wholesale sale as well as any other useful activity to the achievement of its objectives; – To continue to satisfy the economic, social and cultural aspirations of its members; – the cooperating company may carry out any other operation which serves the achievement of its corporate object.

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