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    On 23 December 2016, a meeting of young people on their involvement in the process of peace-building will take place in the large meeting room of Christ-Roi in the commune of Kasa-Vubu. This, at the initiative of the Mutualité des Jeunes Sages, in acronym MJS. This meeting is organized within the framework of the challenges of the day in order to sensitize the key actors of this Mutualité to promote the participation of the young people in the culture of the consolidation of Peace in Kinshasa in general and in Kasa-Vubu in particular. The various national reference tools and the role of young people in society will form the basis of the exchanges at this meeting.

    The opening of this “seminar” will take place on 23 December 2016 in
    Starting at 9 am. According to Mbenza Carrel, President of the Mutualité des jeunes, this event is part of the MJS’s program to remind young people of their involvement in the process of culture and peace-building in order to give young people the opportunity Express their opinions and share their views on the contributions of their behavior in promoting the role of young people to peace and the development of their environment as well as their innovative technological, social, political and cultural initiatives to promote Role of young people in these areas.
    A young person, he defines, is like any person aged between 14 and 30 years. More than half of the Congolese population is in this age group. “Most face many problems related to limited access to education, the lack of data on young people and the exclusion of young people from the decision-making process, whether on their own The future of the country, “he said. He also said that the low participation of young people in the decision-making process also undermines the recognition of the place of young people in society. Considering themselves as actors of peace and development in their own right, the young people of this Mutuality will be able to rely on their strength and active knowledge of the situation of the country to ensure a climate conducive to the improvement of the living conditions of their environment .
    Young people as actors of prevention against acts of vandalism.

    With the aim of engaging young people in effective participation in the prevention of acts of vandalism and the
    The violent extremism within their commune, the young people of Kasa-Vubu regrouped within MJS intends to apply the lessons learned in their personal life, in their surroundings and also in the Mutuality in which they militate.
    On the question of the mission of their organization, Isaac
    Kayembe replies: “Our Association is a non-profit organization that works for the culture of peace, the defense of the rights of young people and the consolidation of peace. We also inform, train and disseminate to young people the need to know their rights “. According to him, the aim of this meeting is to train and interact with young people to realize that they can build a model community where there is more to gain in entrepreneurship, self-employment and Volunteering only in the race towards ease, looting and responding to calls for mistrust.
    For Héritier Tubila, secretary of MJS: “The commune of Kasa-Vubu is unfortunately empty of its vital forces, its talents, and its brains. The social elevator is broken down and young people can no longer imagine how to earn a decent living. Young people whose dreams are cramped in their countries, want to make it happen elsewhere. Just look around to take the measure of change. Young people find it difficult to create their own sense of identity and dignity, because without support they lack spaces to create self-esteem and can not develop self-confidence ” , He explained.



    Your Excellency the President of the Republic,

    On the occasion of the 2016 celebrations and the new 2017, we have the honor, joy and real pleasure of presenting you on behalf of the Board of Directors and all the staff of REGIDESO SA , Our best wishes of peace; Happiness, longevity, prosperity and full success for the continuation of the saving work of pacification, stabilization, national concord, development and modernization, begun under Your leadership, from Your advent to the high magistracy of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

    We wish the same:

    – To Honorable President of the National Assembly and the Senate;

    – To Honorable National Deputies and Senators;

    – His Excellency the Prime Minister;

    – Their Excellencies, Members of the Government;

    – To Top Officials members of the various departments of the State, the Public Administration and the Judicial Apparatus;

    – To the whole Congolese people.

    Faithful to the company’s support program for the Government’s efforts for peace and the emergence of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, we take this opportunity to reiterate to you; Excellency Mr President of the Republic, our firm determination to accompany you in the drinking water sector, on the one hand by achieving the objectives of sustainable development and on the other hand by the vision of the company By 2020, which aims at a high-performance, financially balanced society, providing users with drinking water of superior quality and in sufficient quantity.

    May the Eternal God, Almighty, fill you with graces and blessings.

    Happy New Year 2017.


    The Director General


    The President a.i. of the Board of Directors,



    If Florent Ibenge Ikwange published last Friday the list of 31 Leopards pre-selected for Can Gabon 2017, his opponents of chickens Hervé Renard of the Lions of the Atlas of Morocco, Claude Le Roy of the Sharks of Togo and Michel Dussuyer of the Elephants of The Ivory Coast do not cross the arms. They also made public the lists of their players summoned. A pre-selection that sets the scenery of the teams that the Leopards will have to overcome before claiming a place in quarterfinals.

    All in all, Hervé Renard has set his sights on a young and inexperienced selection in African competitions. Only seven of the 26 players have ever participated in a CAN. Moreover, the selection remains dominated by the players playing abroad. Only three are from the national championship: Amine Attouchi, Ismail Haddad (WAC), and Mohamed Nahiri (FUS). This is an expanded list of 26 players that will be reduced to 23 players for the trip to Oyem where the Group C matches will take place. Herve Renard has chosen the United Arab Emirates for a ten-day blocked training course. The choice of this place, it is said, has aroused many questions among Moroccans, as well as the choice of two opponents for friendly matches: Iran and Finland. Hervé Renard argued by invoking the “excellent conditions, calm and infrastructure at the top”. Regarding friendly matches, the coach said: “If I have chosen teams away from Africa, it is because the African teams that will meet like us in the UAE could be our potential opponents during the CAN. We must not give more indications to our opponents. ” Hervé Renard’s challenge is first of all the quarter-finals that the Atlas Lions have not reached for 12 years.

    Unlike Hervé Renard, Claude Le Roy used a homogeneous team that includes some executives. The case of the dean Emmanuel Adebayor although without club, Agassa Kossi, Romao Jacques Alaixys and others Matthieu Dossevi. On this list there is a big surprise. A player from the second division of Togo, Victor Nukafu is part of this list of 25 players; Also, the return of defender of Rivers United (Nigeria), Yaovi Douhadji Joseph. For his part, Michel Dussuyer publishes his list tomorrow Wednesday 28 December. Wilfried Bony and Max Gradel at one month of the CAN, and Bailly Eric’s reassured state of health, have already learned that the surprise will come from Wilfried Zaha, which will be one of the attractions The CAN in Gabon, where Côte d’Ivoire will have to defend its title acquired in 2015, in Equatorial Guinea.



    On the occasion of the end-of-year and New Year festivities, I have the immense honor to present, in my own name and in that of the Board of Directors of SEP Congo which I chair, my wishes for peace, Health, prosperity and success:

    To His Excellency Joseph Kabila Kabange, President of the Republic and Head of State;
    To the Honorable Presidents of the National Assembly and the Senate;
    To the Honorable Members and Senators;
    To His Excellency the Prime Minister and Head of Government;
    To His Excellency the First President of the Constitutional Court;
    Members of the Government;
    At the Vaillant Peuple Congolais.

    In my capacity as Chairman of the Board of Directors of SEP Congo, I assure you of my determination to accompany the economic recovery of our nation and to ensure that the highest standards of safety are met within the company. Of oil logistics.

    Célestin Tunda Ya Kasende
    Chairman of the Board of Directors




    Your Excellencies the Minister and Deputy Minister,

    On the occasion of your appointment to the posts of the Minister of State and Deputy Minister of Employment, Labor and Social Security, the Board of Directors, the General Management, Pensioners and Annuitants of the General Scheme as well as The whole staff of the National Institute of Social Security, “INSS” in acronym, express their enthusiasm and offer you their sincere and warm congratulations.

    The statutory organs of the INSS seize this opportunity to return to the Head of State, His Excellency Joseph KABILA KABANGE and to the Prime Minister, Samy BADIBANGA NTITA, their tributes for the confidence and choice made on your august person.

    Social Security being an instrument of social policy par excellence of the Government, the INSS will spare no effort to accompany you in the work of the modernization of our beautiful and great country by the improvement of the daily life of the pensioners of the general regime.

    May God Almighty grant you wisdom, intelligence and full success in the fulfillment of your heavy burdens.

    Done at Kinshasa on 22 December 2016

    For the National Institute of Social Security,

    The Chairman of the Board of Directors,


    The Director General,



    On the occasion of the festivities commemorating the birth of Christ and the New Year 2017, the staff of the Multimodal Freight Management Office joins its leaders as we are to present the best wishes:

    To His Excellency Joseph KABILA KABANGE, President of the Republic, Head of State;
    To the Honorable Presidents of two Chambers of the President, Aubin MINAKU and Léon KENGO WA DONDO;
    To His Excellency the Prime Minister, Samy BADIBANGA NTITA;
    To the Honorable Members and Senators;
    To their Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, members of the Government of broad national unity;
    To the distinguished High Authorities of the Judicial World;
    To the Chargeurs operating in the DRC and to the various partners of the OGEFREM;
    To the valiant Congolese people as a whole.

    Through the continuation of the facilitation actions and the erection of the shippers’ assistance infrastructures, OGEFREM reaffirms its determination to accompany the Head of State and the Government of the Republic, in their efforts to make the DRC, An emerging nation, where peace and national concord prevail, a pledge of integral development.

    May the Most Highly bless the DRC and its Head, its Institutions and its people!

    Done at Kinshasa on 21/12/2016

    Jemsi MULENGWA

    Chairman of the Board of Directors


    General manager


    While some celebrated the Nativity of Christ, the others, on the other hand, celebrated their birthday. This is the case of Jacques-Noël Kawumbu who combined the two. He was born on 25 December 1977 in Tshofa, in the Province of Lomami. It is a fruit of Ebondo and Mbula. On the occasion of the remembrance of his birth, a Mass of thanksgiving, grafted to that of Christmas, was celebrated at the Parish Christ-Roi in Kasa-Vubu, where his wife, his children, familiar and close, Are found in large numbers. After the Eucharist, his followers went to the home of Mr Jean-Bosco Elumba Mpungwe, where they were expected for a demonstration.

    On December 25 of each year, Christians throughout the world remember the birth of Jesus Christ. Christmas 2016 was under the sign of peace. The latter was the main message of Pope Francis to the whole world, in particular to the Congolese people. He called for an end to the divisions and demanded that all people of good will undertake a path of development and sharing, preferring the culture of dialogue to the logic of confrontation. The same appeal was made by Cardinal Laurent Monsengwo, who asked every Christian not to kill his fellow man and above all by arms. For he said, “Whoever kills with the sword shall perish also by the sword.” The Cardinal’s communication, as read by the Principal Celebrant of the Mass, was internalized by Jacques-Noël who celebrated his 39th birthday today.

    Who is he ?

    Jacques Kawumbu Ebondo is a son from Tshofa, located in the District of Lubao, in the Province of Lomami. He saw the day on December 25, 1977 by thanks to Mamma Mbula, his mother and father Ebondo, his father. He is married to Madame Francine. He is the father of three children, including two daughters and a boy. He did his primary studies at the E.P.A Nambutwile and humanitarian at the Shabana Institute. He is a graduate in general pedagogy. Jacques-Noël Kawumbu, is an officer of the Congolese National Police, where he renders great services to the Nation. He currently holds the rank of Deputy Senior Commissioner. In his address to the manifestation, he at once gave thanks to God Almighty, the master of time and circumstance, for having protected him during all the time that he spent on earth. Then he thanked his wife, his children and especially his dear friend, Jean-Bosco Elumba, who broke in four for the accomplishment of the demonstration. He finally reiterated the call for unity and peace. He will always be at the service of the people for his protection and that of his possessions, he said in the end.

    Flodel Nkima


    The building which houses the National Secretariat for Capacity Building -Senarec- located on Lubefu Avenue, at number 5, of the cadastral plan of the commune of Gombe is at the center of a conflict between the Ministry of Planning and Ms Kabeya. The two parties dispute the ownership of the place on the basis of the documents issued to them by the Registrar of real estate securities. The Court of First Instance of Kinshasa-Gombe is seized under the RPA 19.623 by the request of the Ministry of Planning followed by the Revolution of Modernity to establish the truth about the attempt to expropriate the building of the Congolese state.

    The Tribunal, after hearing the arguments of all the parties to the trial, remitted this cause not only for a thorough examination of all the ministers who succeeded each other at the head of the ministry, Of Certificate of Registration, but also, the list of real property of the Congolese State.

    At the public hearing of 8 November 2016, the High Court of First Instance, Chamber II, found that the parties had not filed the necessary files which could shed light on his convictions. The TGI / Gombe had noted the absence of a Ministry of Urbanism framework that should bring a certain number of files required to allow the composition to prune the shadows that hang over the authenticity of the parcels certificates Filed with the court in this continuing case. According to information gathered on the spot, there is a certificate of registration paid to the court which was signed by a minister who had not been in office since 1989. The National Secretariat for Capacity Building (SENAREC), a public service created By ministerial decree n ° 003 / CAB / MIN.PL / 98 of February 21, 1998, modified by the decree n ° 011/33 of 09 August 2011 creating the institutional framework of supervision and accompanying the activities of capacity building In the DRC. Specifically, SENAREC aims, among other things, to improve the mechanism for coordination, monitoring and evaluation and quality control. It is responsible for overseeing the implementation of capacity-building activities and their compliance with government guidelines, mapping sectoral capacity-building activities to build a data bank on needs and Capacity-building activities.


    Journalists dispatched to the Inter-diocesan Center to cover the plenary of the Dialogue held under the auspices of the CENCO, returned almost empty-handed in their editorial, Thursday, December 29, 2016. Plenary scheduled for adoption of the recommendations of the Inclusive Agreement n Moreover, was due to divergences in suffering which, it seems, exceeded the extent of the power of the delegates.

    These are divergences on the Head of Government, the powers of the Monitoring Committee and the reconstitution of the CENI that persist. In the face of the intransigence on the one hand of the legates of the Presidential Majority with their allies who signed the Agreement of 18 October last and on the other the Opposition embodied by the Rassemblement and the Front pour le Compliance with the Constitution, the mediators of the CENCO (National Episcopal Conference of the Congo) decided to discuss directly, but separately, with President Kabila and opponent Tshisekedi. In the evening, the prelates traveled to the Palais de la Nation to meet the Head of State. Shortly afterwards, they were announced at Limete, in the residence of Etienne Tshisekedi. At first glance, there is no divergence that is really insurmountable. The different parties to the discussions are torn around individuals, no more. As a matter of principle, the choice or appointment of the Prime Minister rests with the Opposition. But the Rassemblement claims its paternity.

    While the others, that is, the caciques of the Presidential Majority, want to retain Samy Badibanga in the Prime Minister’s office on behalf of the Opposition party to the 18 October Agreement. Thus they programmed a plenary to the National Assembly for consideration of the State Budget 2017 stopped at some $ 4 billion. In this regard, the Senate has taken a different approach. At the Plenary on Thursday, December 29, the Senators extended the provisional credits granted to the Government for four months. It is an option that could give enough time to the Government of the Republic to prepare and present a realistic state budget. In any case, it will be necessary for the two Houses of Parliament to come to an agreement as to what is best to be done for the proper functioning of the Republic.

    How far are they willing to go?

    The CENCO, in a progress report, had spoken of 95% progress since the start of direct negotiations, on 8 December 2016, at the Interdiocesan Center. It was given to journalists to learn that the Head of State would remain in office for an additional year, that a consensual management would be instituted during the transitional period. The duration of the transition has been reduced. The presidential and national legislative elections will be organized in December 2017 and not in April 2018 as originally announced. A Strong Monitoring Committee with expanded powers should be established. Who will take orders? The Rally or the Front? At the latest news, the Front led by the MLC wants to take the lead of the Monitoring Committee, because not starting for the Prime Minister. Even if the Agreement were signed, it will remain, however, the problematic of its implementation.


    It is a custom in Kinshasa and elsewhere. During the Christmas and New Year festivities, the population expresses its joy by using firecrackers and fireworks. The merchants, on the other hand, profit from it to make recipes. In short, make good business. This year, they are deprived of these habits. In a statement released on Monday, December 26, 2016, the Governor of the Kinshasa City-Province, André Kimbuta Yango, prohibited the use and sale of firecrackers throughout its jurisdiction. He instructed the bourgmestres of 24 communes to ensure the strict application of this measure. When questioned, some parents, children and merchants are indignant. When they hear them speak, they think that the one they consider to be the solution is still restricting their freedom. Hence, the cries of the heart to Y’André to raise the measure, since it is the only one to whom this power belongs.

    The capital of DR Congo will spend the holiday season without the firecrackers. It was following a ban from the Town Hall. Governor André Kimbuta is simply against it. He opposes it every year. In 2016, it strengthened the mechanisms. He extended the powers to the bourgmestres. He instructed them to implement the scheme. The bourgmestre of Kalamu, Jean-Claude Kadima, is already at the front. Speaking on local radio, he said that the doors of the dungeons are open for any recalcitrant child. He also expanded his position by saying “the child who used the firecracker and the one who funded it will all be arrested.” The officials, including the parents, are also targeted in the broad interpretation of Kadima’s statements. On the other hand, while the authorities are ready to implement this measure, parents, children and sellers describe the attitude. Mrs. Charlie, living in the Mont-Fleuri district, is against it. She says it’s a better distraction for kids. Even if they have not eaten or worn, they are occupied by these different games. A child, surprised lighting the firecracker banned by Kimbuta, said that he did not plan many places where we can play. If he wants to be left behind, he must also ask those who manufacture and those who sell not to do so. Moreover, last year too, he had banned. But we used to be. So we will use, there will be nothing, he said. A salesman said: I know it’s forbidden to sell firecrackers. But, if we do, it is because the children are in need. The Governor must really reconsider his decision, because this helps us to sell during this time. Besides, I, as a parent, digest very badly that. Our children are used to playing. Thus, all children remain convinced that the high-summit will solve this problem. In the communication prohibiting the use and sale of firecrackers, André also congratulated the people of Kino for the peaceful attitude observed during the time that people considered the end of the world.

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