Though the film production in Congo is on the increase in quantity, the quality still remains very poor and substandard for a global market consumption. This is not due to funding, but poor management and lack of skill set.

However, this will change very soon, as the Film Making industry in the Democratic Republic of Congo will soon be transformed into a creative power house. Though today the Congolese film makers have great stories to tell, they are still far behind in set design-props and management.


This is about to change with the new Virunga mountains media labs -that will open soon. The making  and production of media will become a blue print for multimedia production on the African continent. The state of the art studios will enable multimedia content makers in Congo to tell their stories without the constraint of props and visual technology such as Virtual Reality (VR), motion technology, etc. Just watch this space.

Meanwhile, the Star of the television series “Ace’s High School” Ismail announced at the 3rd edition of CINEF in Kinshasa.
Best known in the name of Ishmael, a role played in the African television series “Ace’s High School, Hervé gouene, en route to Kinshasa. The famous young actor of Burkinabe cinema is expected to participate in the 3rd edition of the festival in 2016 CINEF looming from 18 to 25 June in Halle Gombe, the Centre Wallonie Bruxelles and Commercial place on 7th Street Limete.

According to our sleuths, the main actor of the series “Ace’s High School” with his wife Fanny, is the guest of honor of this meeting dedicated to the promotion of cinema by women.

Note that the CINEF exists in the Democratic Republic of Congo since 2013. The project is initiated by the Association of Congolese Women Film makers, AFCC. This festival is an ideal setting to allow talented women filmmakers (directors, actors, producers …) to meet and to show the public admiration.

Beyond the promotion of women filmmakers, CINEF also allows the public to get in touch with their favorite star.

For its 3rd edition, the organizing committee held once again to invite a Pan African star of the 7th art. The steps on the arrival of Hervé gouene said Ishmael are underway, information do we.

The CINEF also plans to invite several other international film stars. Why, explained the president of the organization, the theme this year is “TV series and the family.” “This year, we’ll make the festivities around television series that occupy an important place in our households, while ourselves in the Democratic Republic of Congo, we do not produce,” said Clarisse Muvuba.

This will be a sensational edition with several program activities consistent with the mission of the AFCC. To believe the president of the AFCC, this edition will include three activities, film screenings, workshop introduction to film critics with children and meetings on the TV series. For the CINEF also aims to introduce children to the movies and do critical partnerships with TV channels from here and elsewhere in the broadcast television series of central Africa.

” There will be meetings and workshops that will be waiting for you to lead and encourage Central Africa to be productive, ” she went further.

The ideal of CINEF is to revive the performance of filmmakers DR-Congo and elsewhere, bringing the RD-Congolese public to love and practice cinematographic works and do a focus on television series to understand its mode of operation .